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one of the challenges of a business move is to ensure your customers and clients know the details of your new address

Find Lots of Company Business Moving Announcement Wording Idea Samples

There are lots of times and reasons why a company or business chooses to move to another location. That's just a fact of life, but, in the relocating process, even the best planned and organized relocations can cause some significant disruptions in your business activities. Although you cannot plan for many of these disruptions, there is one element is easily avoidable and helps to ensure your customers and clients know about your move and the details of your new address. One of the better ways of ensuring all your vendors, customers, and friends know is by preparing and sending personalized company business moving announcement cards. And, to ensure you include all the necessary details, we invite you to view our gigantic database of creative company and business moving announcement wording ideas and sample sayings and verses, some of which follow.

Find Announcement Wording Samples for Business, Company, and Corporate Moving Below Cards

We just finished moving
and we're announcing the change
Though the address is different
the welcome's the same

Smiling Faces Dental Office
has some news to share
If you go to our old place
we won't be there

Here's our new address:

The address is different
but the business is the same
When you come to see us
we are at 504 West Main

Our old office didn't
have much space,
But now we have
a new, bigger place

We've moved our office
but we're still around
We didn't go far
just across town

Lawson Accounting Firm
is packing up the office
and moving all the stuff
our address will be different
when you next see us

We've packed the
boxes, lamps and chairs
Our office is somewhere new
But we couldn't go
Without telling you

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Creating Moving Announcement Wordings Your Company, Business, Corporate Relocation

Imagine you are a customer who makes the trip to your store or office or who is trying to contact you for a project. If you've moved, that may not be an easy task for your customer. Lots of companies think that merely placing a notice in their window or maybe posting new contact information on their web site is sufficient. It is NOT! In fact, most customers just assume that you'll be in the same place tomorrow that you are today. By customizing your own company move announcement with the appropriate business announcement wordings and sending to all your clients, customers, and vendors, you are giving them advanced notice about the impending move. This notice in advance allows them time to change their contact information.

Covering the Basics in Your Business and Company Move Announcing Cards

After understanding the significance of letting people know about your move, it might be useful to know the procedures for best sending out these change of address notices. First, you should always keep the wordings short, to the point, and above all, simple. It is acceptable for you to include your business logo and / or slogan on the cards, but just don't get carried way as you want to avoid overwhelming recipients with information. Details that should be included are: new contact information; and the effective date of the move. And, if your business will close during the transition, include that information as well, along with the emergency contact phone number of email address.

Be sure to send your printed business company moving announcements with the correct move announcements wordings to your customers before your relocation. It's a good ideas to get them in the mail two to four weeks in advance, unless it is during the heave volume holiday seasons.