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regardless of the business invite wordings you choose, keep it simple with brevity while still conveying the five W's

Help With Your 99¢ Company and Business Invitation Wording and Etiquette

If you are planning any type company, corporate, or business celebration, party, or any other similar event you will need to send professional and custom and discount 99¢ business and company invitations. But to most small business people, it can sometimes be difficult to create just the right business invitation wordings to ensure your invited guests excited about the event and want to attend. Some of the most useful and best invitations wordings for company and business functions are fairly simple. For example, it is almost always proper to use the wording phrase, 'ABC Enterprises requests the pleasure of your company,' or 'the honor of your presence is requested' as well as the always popular 'you are cordially invited to . . .'. Regardless of the words you use, you will want to remember to keep it simple with brevity while still conveying what is typically referred to as the five W's: who; what; where; when; and why. We have added a few examples and ideas for your review and consideration that will ensure your have the most ideal business and company invitation wording for every occasion.

The Officers and Directors of the

Tomlinson Foundation

cordially invite you to attend an
Open House and Dedication Ceremony
For the new
Children's Hope Center

Join us as we feast on the very best
at the Mayberry Realty Company

Annual Lobster Fest

The Neverlands Corporation
invites you to attend its

Annual Dinner Meeting
Installation of Offices and
Welcome the New Members

Please be our guest
at the Grand Opening
of our new store at

Personalized Stationery
your total invitations announcements cards store
would like to announce a new location
being added to help service our customers' needs
Our New Store Address is

The Board of Trustees of
Moghany Library Committee

Invite you to a
Fundraising Dinner

We are proud to announce
the Grand Opening of

Diamond Supply Company

Please join us for an Open House

Cards Shoppe and its staff
Would like to invite you to celebrate
150 years of Excellent Customer Service
at a cocktail reception

We would like to announce
a new partner of the at
Cartwell Realty Associates

Janice Thomas-Porter

Please join us for a Reception
in Janice's honor to be held

Sleigh riding, snowmen, ice skating and more

Jay Mouton and Associates

Invite you to a day of
Winter Festivities
for the entire family

Assistance With Your Invitation Wordings for Business is Just a Click Away

We have a dedicated staff trained and committed to assisting you with creating just the right company, corporate, and business invitation wordings that adheres to today's suggested etiquette guidelines. We work closely with our customers with their orders for both personal and corporate organizational events. Throughout the past 15 years, our professional consultants have been gathering and collecting details for invitation words and party etiquette. Read lots more about latest suggestions and guidelines for company and business invitation announcement stationery etiquette.

When to Order Your Custom Business and Company Invitations – We Offer Express Processing and Shipping

In a best case situation, you will want to decide on and customize your company invitations within six to eight weeks before the event or as soon as the details for your event have been finalized. You will definitely want to allow yourself as much time as possible to allow ample time for your guests to make arrangements to attend and to avoid feeling rushed. After your order is received, we guarantee processing and shipping the same day your proof is approved. Within one hour after completing your order, you will receive a professionally set up proof to be reviewed and approved.

Reviewing Your Proof of Your Embellished Invitations for Business, Company, and Corporate

Your individual proof enables you to see your personalized corporate invitation as it has been set up before it is printed. While you are reviewing your proof, you can request any changes be made and another, revised proof be sent. During this process, you can find comfort in the fact that a proofing supervisor will usually view your proof and give their approval before proceeding. And, you can rest assured that if you do not request a proof that all of our orders are reviewed and edited, if necessary, by a supervisor in the proofing department in addition to a final reviewed by our quality assurance department before being printed and shipped.

Essential Details to Include in All Invitation Wordings for Businesses

Earlier we cited what is commonly referred to as the five W's: who; what; where; when; and why to include, but, additionally, there are usually more details to include, such as:

  • identify the company and contact person coordinating the event
  • purpose of the event, such as a charity tennis tournament or silent auction
  • name or names of honoree; remember the 'honoree' could very well be a group of people
  • date, day, and time of the event
  • name and location of the event, including map if out of town guests will be attending
  • appropriate attire recommended
  • ticket costs, if applicable, along with details about a cash bar and other pertinent costs details
  • parking details, if parking might be an issue such as valet parking, etc
  • add your company business logo

If you were selected to shop for, customize, and mail your business party invitations, then you will definitely want to take a bit of time ensuring your corporate, business, company invitations wordings include all the necessary details your invited guests will need.