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find just the right announcement wording samples and ideas for your customized company or business announcements

Creating Your Business Announcement Wordings for Announcing your New Company

When you are starting a new company or business, that's not only an exciting time in your life, but also very challenging. You are usually taking a huge risk and doing something you've likely been wanting to do for a long time. And, for these special and unique company business announcement stationery, you will certainly want to give yourself any edge you can to help ensure success. For these reasons, and more, we at have collected and maintained the largest database of company business announcement wording ideas and samples available anywhere, most of which are presented below.

We are proud to announce the

Dandy Don's Furniture

Please join us for an Open House

The Thomas Miller and Ryan
Professional Accounting Services
is proud to announce

Harry S. Tyler

was names partner effective May 1, (year)

Please join us in congratulating Harry
and wishing his lots of success

We would like to announce that
Rodney W. Porter
has been promoted to Vice President
of operations for Superior Promotions

Join us in congratulating Rodney
and wishing him lots of success

We regret to inform you that
Moss Ladden Furniture
will be closing it's doors
after 35 years of business

We would like to thank
all our loyal customers over the years

We would like to let you know
that Old Southern Quality Realty
will be relocating as of January 1st (year)
Our new address is
Old Southern Quality Realty
12564 Rotter Street – Suite 1000
Your City, State, Zip
(555) 123-4567 –

Please make a not

The Stafford Company
is proud to announce we again meet our quota
for the (year)
This is a huge accomplishment
and we couldn't have done it without you
Thanks to all staff members for their contributions!

The law firms of Moss Tracker Law
and Daniels Rodder
proudly announce the combining of forces
and will now be the
Moss Daniels Tracker Rodder, Attorneys at Law
effective September 1, (year)

Our new address and contact information
Moss Daniels Tracker Rod

We are proud to announce
The merger of
Ace Printing and Superior Graphics
effective May 1, (year)

Your account will not be affected
by this merger, just a name change to
Ace Superior Graphics
You can continue to expect the same
quality services as before

Why Send New Business Announcements?

There are lots of reasons why new company announcements are a good idea. Perhaps, one of the most popular reasons is that it's usually the best way to let potential customers know you are starting your new business and want to work with them. For example, if you're starting a dog training business, how else would dog owners know that you have opened and are looking for customers if you don't send out some type of announcements? Although many new business owners usually rely on word of mouth advertising to help spread the word, you still need a means of getting those first customers to your business.

Free Publicity Advantage of Company Announcement Cards

Potential free publicity is another ideal reason for sending out announcements of your business startup. If you let the local media outlets know about your company by sending them business announcement, you might just end up with an interview on the local news or a story in the newspaper. Of course, you'll have to compete with the hard news but in most areas there are plenty of slow news days available that could be filled with your information. The best part is you don't have to pay for this marketing and you'll be reaching a huge group. Remember to offer free food or other goodies to the media if you really want to get their attention.

Details to Include on Your New Announcement for Business

Make sure you include the location of your business on the announcement. Figure out the best way people can reach you and add those instructions as well. Have your contact information listed, too. Be sure to have a web site set up before you open and include the URL on your announcement. No new business should be without a web site because this is the first place people will go to look for information about you. The name of the business should also be included, of course.

Special Promos and Discounts Included

When you send out the new business announcements, consider including a short list of what you have to offer customers or clients. With a restaurant, for example, you might list a few of the house specials or which meals you serve. Having your hours included on the announcement could be wise as well. Having as much of this information as possible on the card will help customers decide whether or not to pay you a visit.

Another good idea is to include some type of special offer on the news corporate announcements. For example, you might offer $25 off the first dog training program to customers who bring in the announcement when they sign up for the class. You could even offer something for free just to get people in the door, such as a free bottle of dog shampoo. These are great to add onto the new business announcements because they inspire potential customers to take a desired action.