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Invitation Announcement Card Prices Slashed 65% Discount to 85¢
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Read lots more about special promotions on invitations announcements cards discounts for all life’s special occasions, and gigantic collections of sample wordings for announcement and invitation cards, written by Sarah Porter for announcements blogs, invitations forums, stationary cards publications, and websites with embellished features such as,

Add a Picture to Your Graduation Photo Announcement Invitations
Posted in Graduation | Tagged , , , , | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Add a Picture to Your Graduation Photo Announcement Invitations

Ensure your graduating announcements and invitations are totally unique by adding a picture and making it a must have photo graduation announcement invitation.

Welcome Home Baby Showers Ideas
Posted in Baby shower invitations | Tagged , , , , , | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Welcome Home Baby Showers Ideas

Planning Your Welcome Home Baby Shower Party

CardsShoppe Baby Shower Welcome Home Invitation

Welcome Home Baby Shower Umbrella Invites

Having a baby shower before the little one arrives isn’t the only time to have a celebration. Although not as widely used, some new moms prefer to have their shower after giving birth and then plan for a welcome home baby shower party. There are lots of advantages to choosing this kind of celebration as compared to the customary parties starting with the baby shower welcome home invitations stationery cards.

The Baby Shower Welcome Home Event

Although the name of this type of event suggests you would be popping out and shouting “Surprise!” the moment the new mother and baby return from the hospital, that’s not necessarily the case. You can choose to do that, but only if you know the mother-to-be is going to feel like having a party after she’s gone through labor and has finally headed home from the hospital. However, don’t be surprise if she prefers waiting a few days so that she can have time to recover and rest up a bit. In fact, one of the challenges of this type of event is sending out your baby shower welcome home invites in time to get people to attend.

Consider Variables of this Type Baby Shower

Welcome Home CardsShoppe Baby Shower Stork Invites

Baby Party Welcome Home Stork Shower Invitations

Generally, this event would be held at either the new parents’ home or at another nearby house. If you want the celebration to be …

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Details
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Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Celebration Traditions

CardsShoppe Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen Invites

Turning sixteen is a big occasion in a teen’s life as it is around this time that the teenager is yearning for lots more independence. And parents and their daughters have learned that one of the more popular ways to celebrate and enjoy this milestone is to plan and organize a formal rite of passage ceremony. These celebrations can be as small as a small gathering among a few friends at her home to a formal dinner party where the guests wear tuxedos and gowns. Our culture in the U.S. has generations of transitioning from child to adulthood, and what better way to do this than the traditional sweet 16 birthday party? Before you begin planning your birthday party celebration, it might be useful to know a little bit of history and details about this all important occasion. Please read on . . .

Sweet Sixteen History

Sweet 16 at CardsShoppe

Sweet 16 Birthday Invitations

One belief is that this tradition started during the 17th century in England when teenage women were introduced to the royal court for the first time as young ladies and possible future brides for the men of power. Other stories past down throughout time include that is started from balls for debutants, derived from the French word “debuter”, meaning to begin. The debut is an opportunity for society to show their pride in the young ladies of high school age, and their happiness in having them join in the community service. The English version is …

Celebration Invitations for Mardi Gra
Posted in Mardi Gras | Tagged , , , , , | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Celebration Invitations for Mardi Gra

Creating Personalized Celebration Invitations

One of the best reasons for hosting a fabulous party for your friends and family happens every year in mid February. That’s Mardi Gras party time, and you’ll definite need creative celebration invitations for Mardi Gra to send to all your invited guests. After all, you don’t have to be in New Orleans to enjoy all the parties and fun. Just remember the need for lots of food, drinks, fun and, of course, you’ll need to send a special Mardi Gras party invites to complement the special occasion and make your event even more irresistible to your guests. It is recommended that you send them out four to six weeks in advance so everyone can save the date on their calendar and plan to attend.

Invitations for Mardi Gra Celebrations

Mardi Gras Celebration Invitation

Before planning your event, you’ll need to know a bit of history and background that will be helpful and useful. The term is French for “Fat Tuesday.” The reason for the name deals with its proximity to Ash Wednesday – it always takes place on the Tuesday prior. Most historians think its origin can be traced back to a few pagan customs that included the parading of a fat ox down the streets of town. As part of the event, people would celebrate with feasting and drinking. Right afterward, they would have to experience a time of fasting.

Embellishing Your Colorful Celebration Invitations for Mardi Gra

Thankfully, there are quite a few websites to shop for Mardi Gras personalized invitation announcements stationery cards. At the better holiday stationary shoppes, you’ll find designs in a variety of styles, …

Baby Girl Bereaving Card Selections
Posted in Bereavement | Tagged , , , | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Baby Girl Bereaving Card Selections

Appropriate Baby Girl Bereaving Card Wording Ideas

No one ever wants to have the need for bereaving stationery, but when you do and begin your search for just the right baby girl bereaving card, it can simply be overwhelming. It’s a time when many people suffering the loss of a loved one, especially a baby boy or girl, feel totally empty and want to avoid any contact with the world, including family and friends. For these reasons, most e-commerce sites make is as easy as possible by creating a convenient and stress-free way of thanking the people in your life who were there for you as you proceeded through these most difficult times.

Baby Girl Bereavement Cards

Bereaving Card for Baby Girl

Helpful Baby Girl Bereaving Card Expressions – Finding Just the Right Words

Just the thought of selecting or creating your baby boy bereavement card wording can be very stressful, especially when you are at a loss for words or when you are afraid of sharing a sentiment that might be misunderstood. This process is even more difficult when your loss is a baby girl or boy. But, sooner or later, you’ll have to face the challenge, even if you are searching for bereavement cards for baby boy. For these reasons, and more, many websites help you with expressing your gratitude for emotional support, condolences, and sympathy by offering lots of wording ideas, sayings, and even small verses.

Bereavement Words Baby Boy Cards

Baby Boy Bereavement Card Wording

When you have suffered a personal loss, you want to send cards …

Colorful Mardi Gra Mask Invites
Posted in Mardi Gras | Tagged , , , , , | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Colorful Mardi Gra Mask Invites

Creative and Unique Mardi Gra Mask Invites for Your Mardi Gras Party

The ever popular Mardi Gra mask invites is just one of many types of Mardi Gras celebration stationery available online at We specialize in offering one of the largest and most popular selections of unique invitation stationary cards for a wide range of holiday occasions to meet your interest and needs. Simply put, we want to be your one-stop source for Mardi Gras invitation with mask stationary needs.

Mardi Gra Invitations with Mask

Mardi Gras Mask Invitation

Selecting Your Exclusive, One-of-a-Kind Mardi Gra Mask Invites

No hostess wants to send holiday invitation cards that are just like all the others mailed or like thousands of other people are buying at retail stores. After all, unless you find a stationery store that specializes in the Mardi Gras holiday, you’ll probably find that most of these type cards are rather plain, ordinary and dull. And, those are three words that should never describe a Fat Tuesday celebration or any invites for your Mardi Gra party created to get invited guests to the fun. At CardsShoppe, all of our designs are created by our own in-house artists, which guarantees that they are unique and found only on our website. It’s your guarantee that none of our invite cards will ever be boring designs found in most stores and on the majority of our competing sites.

Saving Money on Personalized Mardi Gras Invitation with Mask

Ask most party planners, and they aren’t shy about telling you that the cost matters a great deal when planning an event or holiday party. With this type of …

Creative Baby Footprints Shower Theme Idea
Posted in Baby shower invitations | Tagged , , , , | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Creative Baby Footprints Shower Theme Idea

Most Popular Baby Footprints Shower Theme Ideas and Designs

One of the most popular and trendy ideas for fun showers is the baby footprints shower theme. After all, what is more adorable than a little baby’s feet appearing as the central theme idea for all elements of your shower party. As you are planning your event, you want to ensure you coordinate all elements to complement your footprint theme, including your personalized footprints baby shower invites. To help you organize your successful party celebration, you’ll find some useful hints at

Baby Shower Footprint Invites

Footprints Baby Shower Invitation

Helpful Baby Footprints Shower Theme Planning

After you have selected your party theme, you’ll immediately want to order your customized footprint shower invitation stationery so that your invited guests can save the date for the celebration on their calendar. You’ll want to go with shower invite stationary cards to include a baby’s footprint to complement all other elements of the party. When you have chosen the exclusive footprint design, you can order your cards blank, or you can totally embellish them using your own invitation wording, ink color, fonts, and type style. Then you can immediately preview your custom work to ensure it is exactly as you want. Next, you want to plan for the party decorations, food to serve, and fun games to play. Much of the details will depend on where you will host the celebration, the date and time. If it will be held at a restaurant, then the food will probably be included in your cost. And, the restaurant might have restrictions regarding the amount of decorations you can set up, so …

Free Moving Cards with Style Online
Posted in Moving | Tagged , , , | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Free Moving Cards with Style Online

Most Popular Moving Cards for Announcing Your Move

When you move into another house, you’ll certainly want to tell the world about your new home with creative moving cards. And, after the relocation has been completed, most people will want to host a housewarming party as well. And with either, or both, of these plans, comes the need for personalized invitation announcement stationery cards that are readily available on many e-commerce moving sites. As you begin your internet search for just the right unique cards for moving announcement to customize, you’ll be simply amazed at the variety of stylish announcing cards online. You can apply your own style and creativity to your move stationery that is totally representative of you and your personality.

Move Announcement Cards

Moving Stationery Cards

Planning Your Trendy Moving Cards

Thinking about move announcing cards is usually the last thing you want to concern yourself with as you are preparing for your relocation. But, in addition to packing all of your belongings, then unpacking all of your stuff, and decorating your new home, you’re going to have to let everyone know about your move, new address and contact information. Most people have learned that shopping online is the first step in making their task a whole lot easier. The variety is enormous! Plus most sites offer creative and exclusive collections that can be personalized and then previewed in real time.

Affordable Relocation Move Announcement Stationery

Traditionally, this type of custom stationary consist of simple and totally boring cards and was primarily provided by the postal service. You simply added your name, current address, new address, and then mailed them to …

Most Unique Bridal Shower Invites Online
Posted in Bridal Shower Invitations | Tagged , , , , , | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Most Unique Bridal Shower Invites Online

Most Popular Bridal Shower Invites for Celebrating Your Bride Party

Creating your own special and totally unique bridal shower invites is one of the first steps in celebrating an age-old tradition, where the family and friends of the bride-to-be attend a party in her honor. It is the very special day when everything about the event is planned around the future bride’s preferences, likes, and dislikes. Without a doubt, all who attend should shower her with gifts, presents, and attention making her day memorable. As you are searching and planning your totally stylish bridal invitations, you’ll be simply amazed at the variety, trends, and personalization features available online for discounted bridal party invitation stationery cards.

Invitation for Bridal Showers

Bride Shower Invite Cards

Choosing Your Colorful Bridal Shower Invites

You can select from among the many online designer bride invitation cards, which will reflect the theme of the celebration. As the host of the bridal party, you can choose an invite that will mesmerize the bride and invited guests. When you shop online you can choose from among exclusive and stylish designs that complement the theme the bride-to-be selected for the celebration. These bride party invitations stationary cards mark the beginning of the much-awaited celebration for the bride-to-be, her bridesmaids, friends, and family. There are endless options of bride stationery invitations that are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. You can choose trendy, traditional, or richly designed images that is guaranteed to enhance the significance of the celebration. And, with the better e-commerce sites, you can personalize, add your bridal invitation wording, ink color, fonts, type style, and then preview it …

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