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Sprinkle Baby Shower Planning, Themes, and Invitations

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What is a Sprinkle Shower and How are Baby Shower Sprinkle Invitations Different

Of course, baby number 1 had a really nice baby shower, but now baby number 2 is on the way. And since baby showers are traditionally given for the first child, what do you do to celebrate the upcoming arrival of this baby? How about a 'sprinkle baby show' to honor and celebrate the pregnancy and to welcome baby number 2, 3, 4, or more. This special type baby party is usually a bit scaled down version of a baby shower or a small get together where guests 'sprinkle' the mom-to-be with the assortment of necessities she will need for her new bundle of joy. You will find a few specialty baby party invitation websites like offering a variety of popular and trendy baby shower sprinkle invitations at along with lots of sample invitation wordings to rely on. View a sampling of these sprinkle shower baby invites below.

Baby Rattle & Blocks Invites for Sprinkle Shower

Sprinkle Baby Ducky Shower Party Invites

Baby Shower Sprinkle Bird Stack Party Invitations

Baby Sprinkle Shower Party Invitations for Boy

Elephant Invites for Sprinkle Baby Shower Party

Baby Girl Invitations for Sprinkle Shower Party

Bump Baby Shower Sprinkle Invitations for Girl

Mommy-to-Be Invitation Cards for Sprinkle Baby Party

Baby Boy Bump Sprinkle Invitations for Shower Party

Baby Girl Footsteps Sprinkle Invitation Cards

Couples Sprinkle Baby Shower Party Invites

Baby Boy Footsteps Invites for Sprinkle Shower Party

Thank You Stork Sprinkle Shower Cards

Jungle Animals Sprinkle Thank You Note Cards

Thank You Sugar & Spice Baby Sprinkle Note Cards

 find lots more of popular baby invitations for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or more sprinkle party, clicking here

A 'sprinkle' theme that is centered around umbrellas, sprinkled sweets, clouds and other shower related ideas is a very popular way to host a sprinkle shower since there are so many sweet treats and party decorations that can easily be made or purchased at party stores online. And, for the sprinkle invitation cards, find lots of themes, designs, and images with themes incorporating an umbrella, cupcakes, and more. After all, what could be sweeter, and still keep it simple?

Since expectant moms with children rarely have a chance to relax, it's always a good idea to have a mommy-to-be baby shower where the guests bring a gift for mother rather than the baby. Suggestions include items in which she can pamper herself, or things that she may need while she is in labor. Other gift suggestions include lotions, bath supplies, candles, and spa gifts, to list just a few. Or make it a day of beauty for the expectant mom. Your sprinkle invitation card wordings could include words such as, 'Let's pamper mom before the delivery day'.

Diaper themed related parties are always fun and popular. The invited guests can shower the mommy-to-be with diapers in a variety of sizes, thus allowing for growth. This particular theme can even be incorporated in the baby sprinkle invitation by using the wording like 'Let's sprinkle the baby with diapers, wipes, and lotion'. You can also include in the sprinkle invite words to bring an item of necessity like wipes, diapers, and etc. You could have a drawing with a door prize where the guests' names are drawn.

A start the baby's library sprinkle is somewhat unusual but good theme and always welcomed as a new baby and mom can never have too many books. Example of a really appropriate verse for the invite wording might be, 'One small request that won't be too hard, Please bring a book instead of a card. Whether it is Old Mother Hubbard or Cat in the Hat, you can sign the guest book with your thoughts in the cover. Your baby guest book will be cherished, well loved, and brand new, but please don't feel obliged, as it is totally up to you'. Or, another alternative is to keep it short and sweet, like, 'Please bring a baby book in lieu of your card to help start baby's library'.

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