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Oktoberfest Party Celebrations Activities – Games, Food, and Beer

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Enjoy the Oktoberfest Festivals' Merrymaking Activities and Lots of Beer

The Oktoberfest celebrations and festivals that just happen to be the largest activities of these types are held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. This a 16-day festival commencing on September 25th and running through October 5th in 2014 gathers in excess of 6 million visitors and participates from all around the world. Locals call this event Wiesn, in honor of the colloquial name of Theresienwiese, the fairgrounds. The entire Oktoberfest fair and events, started in 1810, are an important part of Bavarian culture. It is quite common for cities all over the world to organize and host Oktoberfest celebrations that are very similar to the original Munich fair and celebrations. OK2387

Planning Your Oktoberfest Party

For those here in the U.S. and want to have their very own Oktoberfest party, sometimes spelled Octoberfest, there are a few details you will want to consider. There are lots of 'how to' articles written with many suggestions for planning and hosting these type events, but most fall just a bit short on providing the scope of knowledge to throw a truly authentic Octoberfest holiday celebration. Everyone knows that first impressions make all the difference in the world, and this is certainly true with your custom Octoberfest party invitation cards. You definitely don't want to settle for boring and stale invitations for Oktoberfest from those old websites that seem to never update their selection. With some looking, you'll find some creative and appropriate invitation designs with pretzels, the German flag, beer mugs, dancing lady and lots more that will guarantee the conveyance of the jovial nature of your event.

Oh, the Importance of Decorations

OK2441This holiday, perhaps more so than any other one, is a community celebration and is designed to be outdoors around picnic tables or under canopies. And, as with any autumn party, a fire pit is always a welcome addition. But, regardless of whether your activities are outdoors or inside, you'll definitely want to ensure your theme and festivities reflect the German customs by decorating in blue and white, which are the official colors of the Bavarian flag and Oktoberfest. Another popular idea is to have German type posters displayed around your party site or perhaps even hang a large banner outside so your invited guests can see it from a distance and know they are at the correct place. And, as they arrive you will certainly want to greet them with the customary greeting, 'Wilkommen!' instead of our usual 'Welcome!'

A local Oktoberfest party is a joy to host and even more fun to attend. We, as devoted Oktoberfest enthusiasts, strive to be the most comprehensive resource for all of your Oktoberfest questions and needs and pride ourselves on detailed information for hosting an authentic Oktoberfest celebrations and not just a German themed party.

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