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Most Popular Kids Birthday Party Invites
Posted in Invitations, Kids Birthdays | Tagged , , , , , , | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Most Popular Kids Birthday Party Invites

Kids Birthday Party Invitation for Children of All Ages

Planning a fun kids birthday party is a lot more fun when you create and send a personalized kid birthday invitation and make your own decorations. You can make the decorations with the birthday guest of honor, his friends, and other children. Whatever décor you make, whether it is for a 1st birthday or a sweet 16th birthday, online websites have kids birthday invites that will complement your celebration theme beautifully.

Party Invitation for Kid Birthday

Kids Birthday Party Invites

Kids Birthday Party Stationery and Matching Décor

One unique and popular theme lots of people use that will complement your preteen kid birthday party is a disco or dance hall theme. You can make your own disco balls buying large styrofoam balls, some spray shellac, and multicolored glitter. Spray the foam ball in a ventilated area, and quickly add glitter to the entire ball. You can suspend the ball from the ceiling with a piece of string or fishing line and a thumbtack. You can even make several disc balls to suspend all over the room.

Colorful Kid Birthday Invitation Embellishments

Here’s another possibility. Take a piece of ribbon that is about two feet long, and with the edge of a sharp pair of scissors, and run the scissors down the length of the ribbon to curl it. You can make as many swirls as you like, and hang them all over the room. Add several helium balloons and you have got colorful decorations for your celebration. If you have ribbon left, you can make tiny bows and glue them to the front of the invites …

Embellishing 1st Birthday Invites for Your Baby’s First Birthday Party
Posted in Kids Birthdays | Tagged , , | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Embellishing 1st Birthday Invites for Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

Organizing a Simple First Birthday with Creative 1st Birthday Invites

Planning for your little one’s 1st birthday party should be fun, exciting, and enjoyable. And, finding unique first birthday invites should always be easy to choose and simple to order. In addition to getting your first birthday invitation stationery cards with ease, you can also prepare a simple party for your soon-to-be one year old. Of course you, and all mothers, want their baby’s first birthday to be special, but you don’t have to exhaust yourself with all the planning and organizing. We all know that parenting can be complicated and exhausting enough without adding to the duties.

First Birthday Party Invitation

First Birthday Invitations

That’s why so many parents turn to the internet for help in finding, choosing, customizing and ordering their 1st birthday invitations. With those e-commerce sites that specialize in this type party invite stationary, you’ll find lots of simple suggestions and tips that you can use to ensure you have an easier time preparing for this all important baby birthday celebration.

Simple Preparation for First Birthday Invites

As you think about the kind of celebration you’ll put together, you will certainly want to consider the attention span of your little one. Toddlers tend to tire quickly, so you will want to think about your child’s daily routine when choosing a party time. Plan your event either before or after his nap time or when you know he will not be too exhausted or cranky to enjoy the gathering. And, you definitely don’t want to plan a party that is too long either; usually between 60 to 90 minutes is an ideal time …

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