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Invitation Announcement Card Prices Slashed 65% Discount to 85¢
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Read lots more about special promotions on invitations announcements cards discounts for all life’s special occasions, and gigantic collections of sample wordings for announcement and invitation cards, written by Sarah Porter for announcements blogs, invitations forums, stationary cards publications, and websites with embellished features such as,

Unique Law School Graduation Announcements and Ceremony Invitations
Posted in Graduation, Invitations | Tagged , , , | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Unique Law School Graduation Announcements and Ceremony Invitations

Customize Your Own Law School Graduating Announcement Cards and Invitations for School Graduation

law school graduating announcements invitations

graduation ceremony scales of justice invitations for law school graduates

law school graduate announcements and invitations

graduation ceremony invitations for graduates

graduation ceremony invitations for graduates

announcements and ceremony invitations for law school graduations

Creative New Invitation Designs for Halloween at CardsShoppe
Posted in Halloween, Invitations | Tagged , , , | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Creative New Invitation Designs for Halloween at CardsShoppe

Find the Most Creative and Popular Halloween Party Invitation Designs Introduced by CardsShoppe

Regardless of the invitation design for your Halloween party you choose for your personalized holiday invitations, you’ll find that every invite design is totally pristine and beautiful when customized and received by your invited guests. With the third and final addition of totally unique and spooky Halloween invitations designs, you can be assured that your frightening Halloween theme will be complement with any of the latest designs. All of the Halloween stationery cards at CardsShoppe are printed on 80 pound, lignin free, acid free, white Avon Crest card stock, which guarantees that your carefully chosen and personalized party invites do not fade or turn yellow during the course of time. The superiors card stock used by Cards Shoppe is flexible enough to make your invitations elegant and sophisticated, while at the same time, durable enough to ensure long lasting beauty.

personalize your ghoulish Halloween party invitation cards with a devil and angel ghost to impress your invited guests

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ensure your Halloween costume party invitation wordings are creative, spooky, and ghostly to frighten those who receive them

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add lots of spooky, scary, and spine chilling features to your ghostly invitations for Halloween party celebrations

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                To maximize the true effects of these trendy invite designs, CardsShoppe uses only the best quality ink products to produce the embellishments that you choose as well, thereby guaranteeing that your holiday stationery invite cards are vibrantly colored and the icons and designs are …

Help With Scary Halloween Party Themes
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Read Lots of Details About Themes for Scary Halloween Party

Scary Halloween party themes for kids and adult almost guarantee your event is thrilling, spooktacular, and unique. Deciding on your creep theme will save you a great deal of time with decorating ideas for your venue and ensures your wacky Halloween party invitations complement your celebration. You can host your shadowy celebration without wondering where to start since chilling party themes for Halloween will provide the inspiration. Those whom you invite to the party will appreciate the fact that they have some idea as to the type Halloween costume to wear for the occasion. Spine-chilling themed parties are awesome and reduce the fuss and confusion for your devilish Halloween party for kids or adults. For all these reasons, and a few more, you’ll certainly want to get invite family and friends for a nightmarishly good time. Haunted House Theme Parties for Halloween – One of the more popular and exciting ideas is to have a haunted house theme, especially when you want a truly spooky Halloween party. And, although your first thoughts might be that creating a haunted house will involve lots of planning and details, that’s definitely not the case. These type gatherings are really easy to organize. Just plan on turning your home into a ghastly abandoned state without spending a lot of time or money. Betting converting your home into a haunted house by covering the furniture with black or white clothes. Spreading artificial cobwebs throughout the rooms and moth eaten curtains on the dinner table adds an eerie atmosphere. Adding Halloween stickers to the windows and stickers with scary shaped and figures banishing a knife are bone chilling, as well. And to ensure your haunted house is even …

Creative Baby Announcement Embellishment Features
Posted in Birth Announcements, Invitations | Tagged , , , , , | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Creative Baby Announcement Embellishment Features

Baby Announcement Etiquette and Wording for Birth Announcements

Mailing your creative baby announcement stationery is the most popular way of letting everyone you care about know of the arrival of your newborn. Colorful birth announcements should be sent to friends, coworkers, and family and are often saved as a memento to be cherished for years. There is a growing trend to shop online, where you’ll find a spectacular array of customizable babies announcing stationary card choices in which you can easily add your personal touch.

Birth Baby Announcing Cards

Baby Announcements

Creating Your Popular Baby Announcement Mailing List

Most new moms follow the unwritten rule of sending announcements to everyone who attended any of her baby showers. You will want to prepare your list of showers guests, but don’t forget to include people who, for whatever reason, didn’t make it to any your showers. Ensure your list includes your parents, grandparents, your siblings, coworkers, friends, and close associates. You might also think about including those who were truly helpful to you during your pregnancy, like your doctors or nurses. No one will want to be excluded for the happy news. Regardless of how long your list of recipients is, always order a few extra announcing cards. As is always the case, there are usually those who you forget initially, so you’ll always have a few on hand to send when you remember. Of course, if you have included everyone and you have a few announcements left over, you can add them to your baby’s scrapbook, photo album, or you can frame them. Baby Photo Announcements

Most Popular Kids Birthday Party Invites
Posted in Invitations, Kids Birthdays | Tagged , , , , , , | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Most Popular Kids Birthday Party Invites

Kids Birthday Party Invitation for Children of All Ages

Planning a fun kids birthday party is a lot more fun when you create and send a personalized kid birthday invitation and make your own decorations. You can make the decorations with the birthday guest of honor, his friends, and other children. Whatever décor you make, whether it is for a 1st birthday or a sweet 16th birthday, online websites have kids birthday invites that will complement your celebration theme beautifully.

Party Invitation for Kid Birthday

Kids Birthday Party Invites

Kids Birthday Party Stationery and Matching Décor

One unique and popular theme lots of people use that will complement your preteen kid birthday party is a disco or dance hall theme. You can make your own disco balls buying large styrofoam balls, some spray shellac, and multicolored glitter. Spray the foam ball in a ventilated area, and quickly add glitter to the entire ball. You can suspend the ball from the ceiling with a piece of string or fishing line and a thumbtack. You can even make several disc balls to suspend all over the room.

Colorful Kid Birthday Invitation Embellishments

Here’s another possibility. Take a piece of ribbon that is about two feet long, and with the edge of a sharp pair of scissors, and run the scissors down the length of the ribbon to curl it. You can make as many swirls as you like, and hang them all over the room. Add several helium balloons and you have got colorful decorations for your celebration. If you have ribbon left, you can make tiny bows and glue them to the front of the invites …

Chic Baby Shower Invitations Designed to Amaze
Posted in Baby shower invitations, Invitations | Tagged | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Chic Baby Shower Invitations Designed to Amaze

Baby Shower Invitations Created to Impress

Your baby shower is meant to be a memorable occasion that ushers in the birth of a new addition to your family. Every gift, decoration, and other item that are present at baby showers will always have sentimental value, eventually. When you stumble across the custom baby shower invitations in your family photo album, you’ll reminisce on the enjoyment and beauty of that day and the following weeks that brought your baby into the world.

Pink Baby Shower Party Invitations

Pink Baby Frog Invitations for Baby Shower

When you’re looking back on those times, you really don’t want to regret the sloppiness or simplicity of your personalized invitation announcements stationery cards.

Customizing Your Baby Shower Invitations with Pride

Be proud of your decision and choose invites that are visually appealing, well-written, and have extra flare and personality. When you invite your guests you want them to get the impression that your baby party is going to be fun, unique, and festive, and these are attributes that should shine through in your invitation. Our trendy invitations set the theme for your party’s personality, so they should be interesting, humorous, and personable. Take the time and effort needed to choose invitation cards that appeal to your friends and family, and adds customization into your choice.

Frog Invites for Baby Boy Shower Party

Blue Frog Party Invites for Baby Shower

Lots of Creative Baby Shower Invite Designs

At, we offer an extensive selection of chic baby shower invitations that accommodates anyone’s …

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