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Welcome Home Baby Showers Ideas

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Planning Your Welcome Home Baby Shower Party

CardsShoppe Baby Shower Welcome Home Invitation

Welcome Home Baby Shower Umbrella Invites

Having a baby shower before the little one arrives isn't the only time to have a celebration. Although not as widely used, some new moms prefer to have their shower after giving birth and then plan for a welcome home baby shower party. There are lots of advantages to choosing this kind of celebration as compared to the customary parties starting with the baby shower welcome home invitations stationery cards.

The Baby Shower Welcome Home Event

Although the name of this type of event suggests you would be popping out and shouting "Surprise!" the moment the new mother and baby return from the hospital, that's not necessarily the case. You can choose to do that, but only if you know the mother-to-be is going to feel like having a party after she's gone through labor and has finally headed home from the hospital. However, don't be surprise if she prefers waiting a few days so that she can have time to recover and rest up a bit. In fact, one of the challenges of this type of event is sending out your baby shower welcome home invites in time to get people to attend.

Consider Variables of this Type Baby Shower

Welcome Home CardsShoppe Baby Shower Stork Invites

Baby Party Welcome Home Stork Shower Invitations

Generally, this event would be held at either the new parents' home or at another nearby house. If you want the celebration to be a surprise then you could ask the new mom to bring her brand new addition to your home for a visit while you have everyone waiting. If you do this then you could run into the risk that she'll cancel at the last minute because the baby is sick or some other unexpected situation. This is one of the reasons most people opt for a pre-birth celebration. However, don't let that possibility deter you from having your welcome home shower party.

Hosting the Baby Shower Party Yourself

One advantage when choosing this type shower is that it can actually be hosted by the parents. You can combine your baby shower invitation with the baby announcements and ask everyone to attend a casual get together where they can welcome the new addition into the family. Because the event is casual, parents should not register for gifts or expect them; however, guests usually bring them anyway. You'll definitely want to have some baby thank you cards on hand just in case.

Benefits of Knowing Baby's Gender

CardsShoppe Baby Pin Invitation for Welcome Home Baby Shower

Baby Pin Party Invitation for Welcome Home Shower

Another advantage is that the gender of the baby will be known, and this could help well-wishers with their gift giving. Even with ultrasounds, the possibility of an error in the expected gender of the child still exists so a new parent might be expecting a girl but end up surprised by a boy (or maybe even one of each). This type baby's party allows your  guests to more accurately choose clothing, toys, accessories, and other items for the baby. You may still want to include the baby's gender on the invitation cards when announcing your shower.

Gifts Unique to Welcome Home Showers

Another advantage for the new parents is that some guests may offer gifts that will help them get through those tough first few months of child rearing. For example, a guest might buy gift certificates for a massage or spa treatment for the mom so that she can find some time to relax. Other options including someone offering to baby sit a few hours each week so the parents get a much needed break from their new addition's demand for attention.

And one final benefit is that a welcome home baby shower is always a good option if another party was held before the baby's birth by someone else.

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