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Creative Baby Announcement Embellishment Features

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Baby Announcement Etiquette and Wording for Birth Announcements

Mailing your creative baby announcement stationery is the most popular way of letting everyone you care about know of the arrival of your newborn. Colorful birth announcements should be sent to friends, coworkers, and family and are often saved as a memento to be cherished for years. There is a growing trend to shop online, where you'll find a spectacular array of customizable babies announcing stationary card choices in which you can easily add your personal touch.

Birth Baby Announcing Cards

Baby Announcements

Creating Your Popular Baby Announcement Mailing List

Most new moms follow the unwritten rule of sending announcements to everyone who attended any of her baby showers. You will want to prepare your list of showers guests, but don't forget to include people who, for whatever reason, didn't make it to any your showers. Ensure your list includes your parents, grandparents, your siblings, coworkers, friends, and close associates. You might also think about including those who were truly helpful to you during your pregnancy, like your doctors or nurses. No one will want to be excluded for the happy news.

Regardless of how long your list of recipients is, always order a few extra announcing cards. As is always the case, there are usually those who you forget initially, so you'll always have a few on hand to send when you remember. Of course, if you have included everyone and you have a few announcements left over, you can add them to your baby's scrapbook, photo album, or you can frame them.

Baby Photo Announcements

Picture Baby Announcement

Unique Birth Announcements Wording and Etiquette

As a minimum, you will want your birth announcement wording to include the following basic information:
*     full name of your newborn;
*     arrival date;
*     time that your child was born;
*     weight and length of your child;
*     name of the new parents; and
*     name of the newborn's grandparents. (Optional)

More and more parents are including one of their favorite poems, or a really cute saying or verse they either created themselves, used from some sample wordings, or a combination of the two. Most e-commerce websites have lots of sample baby's announcement wordings, sayings and verses you may use.

Embellishing Your Announcement Stationery for Your New Baby

Some people personalize their stationary cards by including unique phrases, bible verses, famous quotes, poems, or nursery rhymes. You can add customized birth announcement wordings you order online, or you can use the existing words shown on the sample cards. To make your announcing cards one-of-a-kind, you can add a photograph of your newborn. Whether you have professional photos done or you take a few with your own digital camera, you can add a photo or picture to any cards on most websites. Look for those sites that have features where you can personalize your card and then preview it in real time before paying and offer same day print and ship.

As you are browsing the better baby stationary sites, you'll find totally unique and discounted baby announcement cards for announcing your exciting news to friends and family along with 10 free cards, free shipping, and your proof within one hour.

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