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Dressing Up Your Bridal Invitations
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Dressing Up Your Bridal Invitations for a Super Personalized Appearance

Finding ultra attractive bridal invitations is fairly easy, especially when you can order your invitations online at places like a site with hundreds of innovative and exclusive card

Bridal Shower Invitations

Pink Wedding Cake Bridal Shower Invitations

designs. You can add personalized elements to your shower invites before you ever have them printed too, like adding attractive fonts, ink colors, or your own card decorations. Still, if you truly want a personal touch, once you get your bridal invitations you can do a few things that will make your mailings extra special.

Seals for Bridal Invitations

Many brides enjoy adding attractive and eye catching seals or stickers to the envelopes that they send out their invitations in – these seals can have wedding icons like bells, rings, doves, or hearts or they can even be monogrammed. These stickers can be purchased or they can be made at home if the party hostess has a computer and a printer. Alternatively, some brides like adding beautiful ribbons or elastic ties to the invites before putting them into the envelopes.

Charms and Other Extras for Bridal Invitations

At the end of the ribbon, small attractive charms can be added for an extra effect. Some wedding charm options include things like small metal hearts, wedding cakes, tiaras, wedding bells, gold crosses, Chinese luck charms, metal shamrocks, and more. If the invite is for a bridal shower, there are even tiny umbrella charms that can be added to your stationery. Finally, putting a pinch of glitter or confetti inside the envelopes is also a wonderful way to increase the celebratory effect that the invitations have the …

Ways of Beautifying Customized Bridal Invitations and Envelopes
Posted in Bridal Invitations | Tagged , , | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Ways of Beautifying Customized Bridal Invitations and Envelopes

While you get plenty of opportunity to customize bridal invitations at, there are still other things you can do to make your stationeryBridal Invitations | Pink Dress Theme selections absolutely beautiful. Once you’ve ordered your bridal invitations and you have received them in the mail, you can add decorative elements to the invite envelopes you get before mailing. With just a few extra touches, you’ll be able to instantly personalize the envelopes you send your invites out in, and every recipient will know you put a lot of forethought and planning into your stationery and mailing choices.

Creative Mailings of Bridal Invitations

Consider investing in inexpensive envelope seals or special wedding stamps and using them to decorate the pristine white envelopes your stationery comes with when you buy it. Alternatively, if you have a home printer you can make your own seals for sealing the lovely envelopes. Your wedding invitations will come across as more sophisticated and elegant if you make out your invites this way.

Timely Mailings of Bridal Invitations

Bridal Invitations | Blue DressNo matter how lovely your invitations and envelopes appear, you’ll need to mail them out in a timely manner. You should plan on sending bridal invitations out six to eight weeks before your event. This means you’ll need to order your invitations nine to ten weeks before you are ready to mail them – this will give you plenty of time to choose a card design, your wording, and to receive the invites in time for …

How to Select and Design Bridal Invitations
Posted in Bridal Invitations | Tagged | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on How to Select and Design Bridal Invitations

When it is time for you to plan a bridal shower you’ll need to be very organized, especially when it comes to getting and styling bridal invitations. You have a lot of details to attend to as you give thought to the kind of invitations you’ll order to bring your party guests together. Getting invitations for a shower is more than simply shopping around and buying generic looking cards. You’ll want flawless cards that can be treasured for years to come and you’ll need to put a lot of thought into card wording, the kind of embellishments you choose, and what the future bride and your invitees will like and appreciate.

Steps to Ordering Bridal Invitations

Getting the best invitations online will require that you shop with a card supplier that has experience in the stationery industry. has vast experience as a card supplier and we’ve come to be America’s choice when it comes to getting attractive invitations for all kinds of bridal shower events. Once you have drafted up the guest list you can begin to think about card design – your guest list gives you a good sense of, not only how many bridal invitations you’ll need, but the audience who will be receiving the bridal invitations that you buy. We recommend that you place an order for your invitations at least six to eight weeks before the event since you’ll want your invitees to have time to receive the cards and to make any special arrangements nece

Kiss Bridal Shower Invitation

ssary so they can attend.

Bridal Invitations and Additional Stationery Options

Give thorough consideration to your event’s central theme as you browse designs for shower invites. You’ll also need to give thought to the …

Bridal Invitations for Both Men and Women
Posted in Bridal Invitations | Tagged | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Bridal Invitations for Both Men and Women

Bridal invitations come in a number of different varieties to mesh with the type of party that you are planning. From a bridesmaid’s tea to a lingerie shower to a traditional bridal shower, the invitations that you choose sets the tone and theme of the celebration that you are planning. When you look at the bridal design choices, you will see that no matter what the theme or mood of the event, you can find a design to customize with your own personal information. bridal invitesPartying With Women Only With Bridal Invitations In bridal invitations, it does not matter if it is a lingerie shower for close friends or a tea for the bridesmaids, having a women only shower or event to celebrate the upcoming nuptials can be great fun. Traditional or unique, there are many ways that the bride can be celebrated with invites that you can be proud of. Lots of pastel colors, flowers, and other girly details can be found on invites that will ensure you can have the perfect invites for your event. Simply think about the bride’s personality and style to ensure you pick invites she will love and that will go with the celebration. Celebrating the Couple With Bridal Invitationsbridal invites Celebrating with couples can be a very unique way to share the joy and excitement of an upcoming wedding. A couple’s shower is moving somewhat from the traditional, but it is a great way to include the groom in the shower fun. Whether you decide to have a more casual cookout or BBQ or a formal dinner party or cocktail event, there are bridal invitations that will go with your theme perfectly. Simply choose a design and customize …

Bridal Invitations With Unique, Meaningful Style
Posted in Bridal Invitations | Tagged | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Bridal Invitations With Unique, Meaningful Style

Bridal invitations for that special shower or other event can be fun or traditional. Whether for a tea for the bridesmaids, a shower for the couple, or a dinner to celebrate the upcoming nuptials, there are bridal invitations designs that will fit the occasion perfectly. You can then take the designs and customize them with personal details and touches. Whether you come up with your own wording or you add a picture of the happy couple, you are in control when you choose to customize your bridal invitations online.

Bridal Shower InvitationsUnique Bridal Invitations

Making your bridal invitations unique can make them more fun for everyone, from the couple you are celebrating to the guests. When you are looking for unique, the best way to do that is by personalizing. Whether you use a fun poem, a meaningful verse, or simply come up with wording based around a theme, making your bridal invitations special can come down to the words that you use to do the inviting.  

Meaningful Bridal InvitationsBridal Shower Invitations

Do you want your invitations to be more meaningful to everyone? One way to do that is to upload a picture to the design that you choose. Bridal invitations can be a memento of this very special time. By adding a picture of the bride, groom, or the couple, you can freeze the moment in time to make it something that will be remembered for a long time to come. Whether you want to be unique, meaningful, or something else, you will find that customizing your bridal invites can be a great way to do that. With words or with pictures, you can take bridal invitations designs and …

Bridal Invitations Themes Can Be Fun
Posted in Bridal Invitations | Tagged | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Bridal Invitations Themes Can Be Fun

Bridal invitations help to bring the Bride’s closest friends and family together, as well as her fiancés family. When you are planning the shower, you want to be sure that the bridal shower invitations are fun and memorable. Whether you are the Maid of Honor or just a close friend or family member, you will want to be sure that you find the bridal shower invitations that fit your shower theme and type of party you want to have.

Bridal Shower InvitationsBring the Men In On the Fun With Bridal Shower Invitations

In the past, bridal invitations were only for women, but today, showers include couples and men and this can be reflected in your bridal invitations. When you are looking at bridal shower invitations, you want to be sure that you choose a bridal invitations theme that everyone will enjoy. Here are some bridal invitations ideas for couple showers that are a little out of the box.

Bridal Invitations ThemesBridal Invitations

One bridal invitations theme that you can go with is “Love and Romance.” The bridal shower invitations theme of “the honeymoon never has to end” can inspire guests to bring gifts that go with that theme. Bridal shower invitations can include red lettering, hearts, and other romantic details to make them special and your décor can include a more romantic feel, complete with candles and red roses. Another bridal invitations theme for a modern couple is a “High Tech” theme. The bridal invitations can be chosen and customized to go with the technologically advanced theme. This bridal shower invitations theme is a great choice for an office or work shower and can include a desk to display gifts on …

Free Bridal Invitations for Your Bride Shower Party
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Stylish Bridal Invitations for Your Bride Shower Party

Unique Bridal Invitations for a shower or tea are an essential element of planning one of these special events to honor the bride-to-be. If you agreed to be the matron or maid of honor, you accepted lots of duties and responsibilities, not the least includes the entire bridal shower planning. By devoting the time and energy to think about the bride and her style, you will well on your way to selecting the design the perfect bridal shower invitationsfor the celebration.

Bridal Party Invites

Bridal Invitations

Nowadays, the planners are shopping online where they will find gigantic selections of cheap Shower Invitations designed for today’s brides. By browsing the vast collection of trendy styles and creative designs, you will certainly find the bride stationery that will work best for your party.

Popular Bridal Invitations Unwrapped

There are many different types of invitations for bridal shower that you can select from, but your final choice will depend upon the type event planned and possible the theme selected. For instance, if you are planning a tea party for the bride and her close friends, you will want something relative to that theme, whether it is lingerie or drinks. If it is one of the many showers you are planning, look at the bridal invitation that best complements this type celebration. Regardless of what you choose, you will find exactly what you want or have it created with these websites.

Bride Party Invites

Invitations Bridal Party

Affordable Bridal Shower Invitations – Taking the First Step

While you might think that you can just go …

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