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Sprinkle Baby Shower Planning, Themes, and Invitations
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A sprinkle baby party is usually a bit scaled down version of a baby shower or a small get together where guests ‘sprinkle’ the mom-to-be with the assortment of necessities she will need for her new bundle of joy.

Welcome Home Baby Showers Ideas
Posted in Baby shower invitations | Tagged , , , , , | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Welcome Home Baby Showers Ideas

Planning Your Welcome Home Baby Shower Party

CardsShoppe Baby Shower Welcome Home Invitation

Welcome Home Baby Shower Umbrella Invites

Having a baby shower before the little one arrives isn’t the only time to have a celebration. Although not as widely used, some new moms prefer to have their shower after giving birth and then plan for a welcome home baby shower party. There are lots of advantages to choosing this kind of celebration as compared to the customary parties starting with the baby shower welcome home invitations stationery cards.

The Baby Shower Welcome Home Event

Although the name of this type of event suggests you would be popping out and shouting “Surprise!” the moment the new mother and baby return from the hospital, that’s not necessarily the case. You can choose to do that, but only if you know the mother-to-be is going to feel like having a party after she’s gone through labor and has finally headed home from the hospital. However, don’t be surprise if she prefers waiting a few days so that she can have time to recover and rest up a bit. In fact, one of the challenges of this type of event is sending out your baby shower welcome home invites in time to get people to attend.

Consider Variables of this Type Baby Shower

Welcome Home CardsShoppe Baby Shower Stork Invites

Baby Party Welcome Home Stork Shower Invitations

Generally, this event would be held at either the new parents’ home or at another nearby house. If you want the celebration to be …

Creative Baby Footprints Shower Theme Idea
Posted in Baby shower invitations | Tagged , , , , | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Creative Baby Footprints Shower Theme Idea

Most Popular Baby Footprints Shower Theme Ideas and Designs

One of the most popular and trendy ideas for fun showers is the baby footprints shower theme. After all, what is more adorable than a little baby’s feet appearing as the central theme idea for all elements of your shower party. As you are planning your event, you want to ensure you coordinate all elements to complement your footprint theme, including your personalized footprints baby shower invites. To help you organize your successful party celebration, you’ll find some useful hints at

Baby Shower Footprint Invites

Footprints Baby Shower Invitation

Helpful Baby Footprints Shower Theme Planning

After you have selected your party theme, you’ll immediately want to order your customized footprint shower invitation stationery so that your invited guests can save the date for the celebration on their calendar. You’ll want to go with shower invite stationary cards to include a baby’s footprint to complement all other elements of the party. When you have chosen the exclusive footprint design, you can order your cards blank, or you can totally embellish them using your own invitation wording, ink color, fonts, and type style. Then you can immediately preview your custom work to ensure it is exactly as you want. Next, you want to plan for the party decorations, food to serve, and fun games to play. Much of the details will depend on where you will host the celebration, the date and time. If it will be held at a restaurant, then the food will probably be included in your cost. And, the restaurant might have restrictions regarding the amount of decorations you can set up, so …

Discount Sprinkle Baby Shower Invitations Stationery
Posted in Baby shower invitations | Tagged , , , , , , | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Discount Sprinkle Baby Shower Invitations Stationery

Embellishing Your Sprinkle Baby Shower Invitation Stationery

When a woman is expecting her first child she gets a whole lot of attention and with that comes lots of baby gifts. Typically, a mom who is expecting another child has most of the items she will need for the latest addition to the family. A sprinkle baby shower lets the second, third, fourth time, or more, mom-to-be know that her new baby is just as adored and loved as her previous ones were.

Invitations for Sprinkle Baby Showers

Sprinkle Baby Shower Invitation

Your creative baby sprinkle shower invites should be sent out a bit more sparingly than ones that would be sent for a traditional shower. The sprinkle is most often a small gathering of the mother’s closest friends and family.

Planning Sprinkle Baby Shower Invitations

The hosts of these type showers should keep in mind that a large celebration would likely overwhelm the expectant mom. Chances are, she may not need or really want a whole lot of gifts. Toys, gear, and clothing are often handed down from older children from the new baby to use. The custom sprinkle shower invitation cards should indicate that the party will be a casual affair. Expectant mothers with children are often busy and rarely have time to pamper themselves. This is the ideal time for those close to her to shower her with little luxuries, like trips to the spa or her favorite meal. Your invitation stationery cards can be personalized to let guests know that the focus will be on the mother more than the expected child.

Creating Surprise Baby Shower Invites for Fun Party
Posted in Baby shower invitations | Tagged , , , , | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Creating Surprise Baby Shower Invites for Fun Party

Surprise Baby Shower Invites for That Perfect Baby Surprise Shower Party

At first thought, you might think that first-time moms will be rather cool to the idea of sending surprise baby shower invites, but if the event is pulled off successfully, the party can be one of her more cherished moments. However, before too much planning is done, you, as the hostess, should determine if the mom-to-be would want or enjoy a baby shower surprise party. Some people just don’t like surprises, so if you doesn’t already know, you will need to check with someone close to the expectant mom who knows her personality well enough to decide if custom baby shower surprise invitation stationery should be used.

Invitations for Baby Shower Surprise Party

Surprise Baby Shower Invitation

Surprise Baby Shower Invites Planning

The next step in planning the surprise baby party is to determine who the mom-to-be would want to attend the celebration. If this is not possible or practical, then you would be wise to invite only the people who the expectant mom would approve of attending. The personalized invitation stationary cards should be sent to only friends and family members. Another significant element of the planning involves choosing the most appropriate theme the guest of honor will adore. If you know the theme of the new baby’s nursery then that theme could be included in the invitation cards, favors, and decorations of the event. Once the theme is decided and finalized, it’s time to send off the creative invites. And, you’ll certainly want to ensure they include that the gathering is a surprise and should be kept a secret.

Hints …

Creating Your Coed Baby Shower Invites for Your Couples Party
Posted in Baby shower invitations | Tagged , , | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Creating Your Coed Baby Shower Invites for Your Couples Party

Planning Your Coed Baby Shower Party for both the Guys and Gals

Hosting a coed baby shower party is definitely a different type celebration than traditional baby showers. Since this is an event with both the ladies with their male guests, you should be mindful of this when determining the various aspects of the event, such as the coed baby shower invites, food, games, activities, and more.

Organizing Your Coed Baby Shower Invites and Celebration

Co-ed baby shower parties are much like your customary babies party; however, they usually place less emphasis on the games and frilly things that are usually involved in traditional women-only showers. This occasion is normally a time when family and friends come together and catch up with one another over drinks and food, that is, besides celebrating the number one reason everyone is there – The Baby! Your custom invitation should very clearly reflect that the event is not only for women and that men are welcomed.

Co ed Baby Shower Invitations

Coed Baby Shower Invite

Games and Planning for Couples Showers

There are lots of different games that can be played at an event that includes both men and women. Games that include both will give everyone the opportunity to have fun, and they can be ideal for breaking the ice so that your invited guests can relax and get to know everyone a little better. A successful couple shower should have activities throughout the course of the party to keep things moving so that everyone can stay entertained. During the planning of the couples’ party, it is important to ensure that there will be plenty …

Chic Baby Shower Invitations Designed to Amaze
Posted in Baby shower invitations, Invitations | Tagged | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Chic Baby Shower Invitations Designed to Amaze

Baby Shower Invitations Created to Impress

Your baby shower is meant to be a memorable occasion that ushers in the birth of a new addition to your family. Every gift, decoration, and other item that are present at baby showers will always have sentimental value, eventually. When you stumble across the custom baby shower invitations in your family photo album, you’ll reminisce on the enjoyment and beauty of that day and the following weeks that brought your baby into the world.

Pink Baby Shower Party Invitations

Pink Baby Frog Invitations for Baby Shower

When you’re looking back on those times, you really don’t want to regret the sloppiness or simplicity of your personalized invitation announcements stationery cards.

Customizing Your Baby Shower Invitations with Pride

Be proud of your decision and choose invites that are visually appealing, well-written, and have extra flare and personality. When you invite your guests you want them to get the impression that your baby party is going to be fun, unique, and festive, and these are attributes that should shine through in your invitation. Our trendy invitations set the theme for your party’s personality, so they should be interesting, humorous, and personable. Take the time and effort needed to choose invitation cards that appeal to your friends and family, and adds customization into your choice.

Frog Invites for Baby Boy Shower Party

Blue Frog Party Invites for Baby Shower

Lots of Creative Baby Shower Invite Designs

At, we offer an extensive selection of chic baby shower invitations that accommodates anyone’s …

Getting Baby Shower Invitations that the Honoree will Truly Appreciate
Posted in Baby shower invitations | Tagged | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Getting Baby Shower Invitations that the Honoree will Truly Appreciate

When ordering the all important and very necessary baby shower invitations for a shower event you are hosting, it is a rule of thumb to keep the preferences of the soon to be mother in mind. If however, you are actually straying from tradition and are hosting a shower for a couple, then both future parents need to be considered as one seeks out eye catching, resilient, and persuasive stationery.

Baby Shower Invitations and the Importance of the Guest List

Of course, you have to sit down and write up a guest list, including friends and family members. As you write the guest list it might be a good idea to write the ages next to each Baby Shower Invitationsname on the list. If you prefer, you can put the word “teen” or “adult” next to the name too. Once the list is completed it will be easy to examine the list at a glance to determine how many adults and teens will be in attendance. It will also be easy to define what baby shower invitations might be appropriate for everyone on the list. As an alternative, you can get separate baby shower invitations for adult invitees and teens too.

Baby Shower Invitations When You Don’t Know the Gender

While it is common to choose the color blue for a boy or pink for a girl, unless you are hosting a shower after the child is born the gender of the child the honoree is expecting isn’t always known. In such cases you can have a lot of fun with color when ordering invites as there are stationery selections hosting purple, green, yellow, red, and other stylish designs. Even if you already know the …

Fun and Unique Baby Shower Ideas and Baby Shower Invitations
Posted in Baby shower invitations | Tagged , , | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Fun and Unique Baby Shower Ideas and Baby Shower Invitations

When thinking about planning a baby shower the first thing a host wants to do is to come up with a cool party theme and a design for baby shower invitations. Baby Shower InvitationsWhile traditional baby shower icons are always nice, there are some really fantastic ways to stray from tradition and to host a unique gathering. Even if you have a really innovative party idea you can get matching baby shower invites to parallel the party theme you come up with too.

Baby Shower Invitations and Trendy Party Ideas

If hosting a shower in the afternoon, a chic party theme includes a tea party where you can serve tea and pastries. You can put a spin on the tea party theme by using the “bun in the oven” cliché and serving up tasting cinnamon or hot crossed buns at the party. For your invites you can have depictions of tea, women carrying parasols, or you can have depictions of the pastries you plan on serving if you upload a photograph. Alternatively, if your shower will occur when the weather allows for an outdoor gathering, you can go with the casual barbeque or picnic theme. If you leave nearby a beach, a beach side gathering can also prove a big party hit. Again, your invitations can have outdoor images and icons or you can offer invitations with a tropical theme.

Additional Party Icons and Baby Shower Invitations

One of the most expensive parts about raising a child is tending to the child’s day to day needs. You can have a baby shower “necessities only” party where you ask guests to bring items that can be used in the baby’s day to …

Baby Shower Invitations Themes
Posted in Baby shower invitations | Tagged | Author Sarah Porter | Sarah Porter Comments Off on Baby Shower Invitations Themes

Baby showers are important for expecting mothers.  Baby shower invitations help gather relatives and friends together to honor the soon to be mother and celebrate the blessing on its way.  There is a ton of gear and clothing needed for such a little bundle.  Baby showers give the opportunity for others to assist with the burden of buying everything.  The more the merrier so send out baby shower invitations to everyone you know. Whether planning a shower for you or a friend there are many different themes you can choose to go with.  Some parents choose to know what the sex of their child is going to be and that’s what they base their baby shower on.  There are a lot of decorations and baby shower invitations specifically with “It’s A Boy” and “It’s A Girl”.  Or the parents may want the gender to be a surprise to them.  There is a variety of baby shower invites and decorations that are universal.  This opens the door for many different themes.  You may want to use the location to decide on what to base your baby shower on.  If you are going to be outdoors you could go with flowers and/or nature.  You could send out baby shower invitations with beautiful butterflies or a cute frog.  Be sure to check that the weather is going to be sunny and clear before you send out your baby shower invites because you do not want to get rained out.  An indoor party allows you to use your sense of style and has limitless possibilities.  You could choose to have a princess themed party.  On the baby shower invites tell everyone to come dressed in gowns and make it a grand affair.  Having an indoor shower also removes the stress of predicting the weather. …

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