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ensure the affordable 99¢ adult birthday party invitations makes the guest of honor remember those days as a kid having one

Find Cheap Adult Birthday Invitations at 99¢ for All Party Milestones

Creating your own unique and custom adult birthday invitations, currently discounted to 99¢ each, are all part of the project when you begin planning a party, either small or large, and all the details can sometimes become a bit overwhelming without some help. Birthdays for adults usually become more meaningful for people approaching any of the three biggest milestones: (a) 30th; (b) 40th; and (c) 50th. Along with searching for just the right stylish birthday invitation cards, you'll be spending a lot of time thinking about party games, gifts, themes, food, venues, and guests. Ultimately, you'll want to give as much care choosing expressive invitation birthday cards as you do to all of the other pre-party responsibilities you face. After all, you'll want your party stationery to convince those you invited that you will be hosting the event of the year, and they definitely don't want to miss this special occasion. Find lots of help with your creative adult birthday party invitation wordings in our database of samples and wording ideas for all birthday milestones.

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Your Adult Birthday Party Should Make the Guest of Honor Feel Like a Kid Again

Your goal is to ensure you adult birthday party a lasting memory with the perfect celebration. A good starting point is with contemporary, classy, and fun birthday party invites from After all, what adult doesn't deserve a party for this, their very special day? We offer a wide range and large variety of birthday party invitation cards for adults to choose from including: surprise birthday invitation cards, birthday milestone party invitations, hip birthday invites, disco party invitations, and lots, lots more. And, don't let time constraints with ordering and shipping put a damper on the planning, as we offer same day printing and shipping on all exclusive invites along with sending your proof within one hour.

Make the Most of Your Birthday Invites

Composing the Invitation Wording - Getting generic stationery for birthdays might seem like the easy answer to your needs, but you really can't convey your true expression with over-the-counter cards. The key to getting exceptional invitations is to order them from because our patented features enable you to modify and create invitations wordings for your totally unique invites. We know that not every sample invite is worded exactly the way you might like, so we offer lots of features that enable you to adapt wordings, sayings, verses or add your own to any of our birthday party invitations.

Leave a Lasting Impression with Stylish Birthday Invitation Cards - The invite cards you buy should be totally representative of you. They act as a mirror of your taste, style, elegance, and refinement and also mirror the personality of the guest of honor. Thus, you'll want one-of-a-kind designs printed on high quality paper products but at reasonable prices. This is why we offer 10 free cards with all orders.

Whatever birthday you plan on celebrating and regardless of the age of the guest of honor, you'll enjoy the freedom associated with creating your own customized birthday invitations.