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find the collection of 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 75th, 90th, surprise occasions, and so on birthday party invitations

Create Your Own Exciting and Unique Birthday Invitation Wording for Adult Parties

As adults, deep down most of us still like to celebrate our birthdays and send out really stylish and popular birthday party invitation cards just as we did when we were a child. So, naturally, an enjoyable gathering of friends for this particular occasion is the most ideal way of celebrating. Finding, creating, and personalizing your party invitations for adult birthdays is the first step in the planning process, and has lots of ideas and help in getting you well on your way. We have the largest library of birthday party invites for all milestones, including 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 75th, 90th, and so on, and, don't forget those surprise birthday party occasions. You may select from an array of styles, designs, themes and birthday party invitation wording ideas and birthday sayings samples, some of which are presented below.

Come celebrate one wonderful man
as a surprise party is the plan!

So if he should asks, you must tell lies
Spilling the beans would not be wise!

We'll laugh a bunch and have some fun
Charlie will surely remember this one!

Charlie's Surprise Birthday Party

It is too late!!!
He's over the hill...
Help us celebrate
Dan Smith's 65th Birthday
on Thursday, April 3rd
at 1 p.m.
Danvers Golf Club
67 Beth Lane
Danvers, Georgia

Come celebrate one wonderful man
A surprise party is our plan!

So if he asks, you must tell lies
Spilling the secret would not be wise!

We'll laugh a lot and have some fun
John will surely remember this one!

John's Surprise Birthday Party
Friday, June

We'll be chippin', dippin',
and margarita sippin'
as we are celebrating

Charlotte's 37th Birthday

Join us for munchies and margaritas
Saturday, July 23rd
8:00 p.m.
Name of Place for Celebration
Street Address
City, State, Zip

RSVP by July 15th to Larry

The big 5-0 is approaching fast
Larry will be over the hill at last!

Come celebrate and spread some cheer
And let Larry know he's older this year!

Larry's 50th Birthday Party

Friday, September 17th
8:00 p.m.
Location of Party
Street Address
City, State

Friendships are one of the few things
that improve with age
The family and friends of

Harry Wilson

invite you join in celebrating his
48th Birthday and a lifetime of good friendship
on April 10th at 8:00 p.m.
Place of Celebration
Street Address
City, St

The years just flew and before she knew it
she's 5 decades old and accustomed to it!

Help us celebrate

Janice Marie's
50th Birthday

November 5th at 1:30 p.m.
Street Address
City, State, Zip

Regrets only to Sandy at 111.5678

Friendships are one of the few things
that improve with age
The family and friends of
Harry Thomas Lewis
invite you to celebrate his
70th birthday
and a lifetime of good friendship

Once in a lifetime
do you turn 21
Never again will
this age be seen
You're invited to help make mine
a celebration that will
last forever in time

The days and years
are just flying by
Can you believe Janice
is turning 25?
We're having a party
to help Janice celebrate
They'll be drinking, dancing,
and even some cake

We're laying the youth
of our dear friend to rest
Won't you come pay
your last respects?
Ol' Tommy is moseyin'
Join us as we respectfully
lay his youth to the test

Susan is how old?!?
It's the best-kept secret in town,
but we'll be "blowing" it
at a birthday party in her honor

Back in Susanne's prime,
these things were in style.
So let's turn back the clock
And reminisce for a while
as we celebrate her 65th birthday

It's a rock n roll relics party
Come blast to the past
as we celebrate
Tommy's birthday

Chef Ron is ready to grill,
the drinks are ready to chill,
All we need is you
to get this party started!
Join us for the
49th Birthday of
Harold Tymes

Spring has sprung
and bees are humming!
We're having a celebration
and hope you're coming!
You're invited to a
Fun birthday party for
Danny Porter!

Join us
to chill and grill
for William's
38th birthday celebration!

Calling all you grease monkeys
and beauty school dropouts
as we roll up our sleeves
and put on our poodle skirts for
Jenny's 60th birthday

Wear you Hawaiian shirts
and hula skirts
and we'll provide the leis
Eat roasted pig out by the pool
and limbo like a fool!

Carla's 20th birthday

Come get wackiki!

You're invited to
Join us 'round the green'
to make Jonathan Tyler's

60th Birthday

just PAR-FECT!

Join us for a juke box party
We're rocking around the clock for
Tammie's 50th birthday
as if it were 1957!
Wear your bobby socks and saddle shoes

The deuces may be wild,
but this party's going to be hot, hot, hot!
is the lucky birthday number for
our good friend Sarah Jane


There's a party for ______ on July 25th.
It's sure to be one you simply can't miss.
A fiesta with drinks and spicy food.
It will surely help to set the mood.

Call the Doctor, Call the Priest
Call the Rest Home at the very least!

Sidney is a decade older
Let's not give him the cold shoulder

To help his celebrate turning the Big 6-0
We're having a party and hope you'll show

We would like to announce
Jan's Birthday is near
And we hope you can come,
they'll be plenty of beer
We're going to celebrate in a really fun way
Be there at 8 and September 21st is the day
Benihana is the place to be
Please say yes when you RSVP

We'll ignore the number
of candles on the cake
eat, enjoy, and just celebrate!
We'll hope Janice wishes for what she desires
What's the worse that can happen?
Beside the cake catching on fire.

Please join us for a Birthday Party honoring

We'll ignore the number of candles on the cake
eat, enjoy, and just celebrate!
We'll hope _______ wishes for what she desires
What's the worse that can happen?
Beside the cake catching on fire.

Please join us for a
Birthday Party honoring

Hope you can come to Barbara's Birthday
We're going to celebrate in a really fun way

Benihana on September 27th is the place to be
Please say yes when you RSVP

Once dinner is over the fun will not end
We'll go back to our house for
cake and lots of more fun

Celebrating the Beginning of Your 3rd Decade - 30th Birthday

Perhaps, one of the more popular adult birthday celebrations is when a person advances from the after teen years, enters the legal drinking age decades, and then advances to the young adult decade – the 30s. For these special big 3-0 invites, you need to remember the milestone celebration you are honoring. Unlike events for older ages, celebration parties for this age usually have a young and casual theme. You will want to plan your decorations, refreshments, and entertainment, like a small band down to a lone soloist. Once you've decided on your theme, you can select your custom 30th birthday party invites. If is advisable to send these out two to three weeks in advance to your invited guests can make arrangements to be a part of your special celebration. Your goal is to make it a must attend event – one that they do not want to miss.

Oh, that Always Memorialized Mid Life Milestone – the 40th Birthday

Everyone who has reached or surpassed that typical midlife crisis 40th birthday knows its significance in life. While it may not be as exciting as turning 16 and being able to drive or turning 21 and being able to drink legally, having successfully weathered four decades of the challenges and tribulations of daily life is definitely worth celebrating with a fabulous party. Before you start sending out those party invitation cards for 40th birthdays, you might want to spend some time thinking about the best way to enjoy this once in a lifetime day. Consider changing the venue from say your home to a restaurant. Or, what about something a bit more exciting and unusual like renting a plane or boat and celebrate with friends while in the air or on the water. These are just a couple of options that would be lots of fun and a wee bit unusual, and our special designs are ideal for special themes like these. And, you can customize your invite words to include all the details your invited guests will need.

And, the All Important Half Century Mark – 50th Birthday

Like all milestones, your 50th birthday is special as it is evidence that you have enjoyed and survived the life for five decades, or half a century. And, as such, your birthday invitation cards should be extra special and complement your accomplishments and interest in life. An always popular theme is our 'over the hill' with your party decorations are dark and gloomy, somewhat imminent of death. Or, you could plan something similarly fun and casual like a barbecue cookout or get together at your home. The big 5-0 party invite cards can include words and details like any planned entertainment as well as drinks, food, and other unique surprises. You can find the best 50 birthday party invitation designs to customized to your special festivity on our website, CardsShoppe. You'll definitely want to mail your invitation cards with three to four weeks of your event to allow your guests to make arrangements to attend.

Other Adult Birthday Celebrations Worthy of Consideration

We have a great variety of adult birthday party invitations for celebrations since there are so many types of parties you can have as an adult. You'll want to remember the ever popular, but sometimes challenging to pull off, surprise parties as well as both casual and formal affairs. Alternatives range from a simple cookout at your home to a formal dinner party at a fancy restaurant. You can totally embellish your invitation stationery cards with our adult birthday invitations wordings sayings verses to complement the theme of your festivities. Not surprisingly, our over the hill theme is fun for all milestones, including the earlier milestones and younger crowd and be as special a celebration as you can make it.