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the birth of a baby is a cherished moment in the life of a couple and is second only to their union as husband and wife

Chic Baby Birth Announcements for Announcing Your Little Bundle of Joy

Personalized birth announcements are usually sent to love ones, family, friends, colleagues, and associates following the birth of your new baby. As a new parent, you'll quickly find that sending a custom birth baby announcement is not only an affordable way of announcing your new arrival, but a practical method of communicating too. Since we at know just how exciting, yet exhausting, being a brand new parent can be, especially in the first few weeks and months following the birth of your baby boy or girl. For these reasons, and more, we make your shopping experience easy and even enjoyable by providing you an easy and enjoyable means of shopping, plus a gigantic data base of birth baby announcement wording ideas.

Since these are our Premium Invitations, Announcements, Cards and will need more time, the following policies for all our other Cards will NOT apply:
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Making Your Birth Announcing Cards Special and Unique

Affordable Birth Baby Announcements - The more friends, work associates, and family members who live a distance from you that you have, the more challenges you will have in sharing the news about your new 'addition'. You will want to personally contact everyone expressing your exciting, good news, but that's seldom practical. If you call everybody, it could mean some serious long distance charges for you or it could mean you spend hours or even days at a time talking to everyone you know. Getting our baby announcing cards online is a far more affordable method of contacting everyone so you can tell them about the arrival of your new child.

Practical Communications with Your Birth Announcement - A printed baby announcement lets you spend a short time mailing them out, and then your done. You can spend time with your new baby or you can get some much needed rest. Our discount announcing statonary cards can tell the people you care about everything they'll want to know at a glance. And, all this is made so easy with our patented personalize and instant preview options, available to all our shoppers.

Essentially, photo birth announcements are made much more affordable with our offer of 10 free cards with every order and our gigantic and practical stationery selections.