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creating just the right invitation wordings for all type baby shower parties has never been easier

Unique Baby Shower Invitation Wordings - Perfect Expressions for Your Invites

Baby shower invitation wordings express elation and excitement about the approaching arrival of a new baby. If you and some close friends are hosting a shower party for the mommy-to-be, you'll need to temporarily step into the shoes of the mom-to-be so you can properly express the anticipation and joy a future mom experiences through the invitation wording for the baby shower you create. If you are a mom yourself, it's easy to empathize with the mom-to-be, but you still might struggle with wordings selection. That's why we at provide you with a myriad ways to ensure your wording ideas are not only easy to choose, but perfectly expressed on your baby shower invitation cards stationery. And, using our patented features, you can add your words and other embellished options, and then preview your work instantly to ensure you are getting exactly what you want.

View Sample Baby Shower Invitations Wordings Below

Baby Angel
You will be welcomed to this Earth
The whole wide world
awaits your Birth!

Please joins us for a
Baby Shower honoring

Kelley Townsend

(date, time and location)

Cathy Wood's baby girl is on her way
Let's get her prepared for the big day.
We'll shower her with gifts
for the little one
Be sure not miss out on all the fun!

(date, time and location)

Ten little fingers and
ten little toes.
This time it's a little girl
made to use ribbons and bows!

Join us at a Baby Shower

Cassandra Wilson

(date, time and location)

We're having a Baby Shower
come rain or come shine
to celebrate the upcoming arrival
of a new baby scheduled to arrive on time

Please join us to honor

Felicia Rodriguez

(date, time and location)

You're invited to help
celebrate the upcoming arrival
of baby Smith at a
Baby Shower

Amy Butler

(date, time and location)

In all of life, there seems a time
when wishes do come true.
Now this comes to let you know
we're expecting someone new!

Please join us at a Baby Shower
to honor

Tiffany Redmond

(date, time and location)

The stork is coming
it's bringing a boy
The Brown home
will be filled with lots of joy!

It's A Baby Shower
in honor of

Rebecca Lighthouse

(date, time and location)

Leslie's expecting
but she's making us wait
to see who arrives on the due date.
Will it be blue or will she need pink?
Come celebrate with her
and tell us what you think!

Baby Shower for
Wanda Blake

(date, time and location)

There is major construction going on
in the Clark home
We're expanding our house by 2 feet
Soon he'll be here for us to greet

Please join us for a
Baby Shower
in honor of

Tanya Jacobs

(date, time and location)

Miracles and magic
Dreams do come true
The only thing we don't know
If it will be pink or blue!
Here's your invitation to a
Baby Shower for
Baby and Mom-to-be,

Sandra Clark

(date, time and location)

Soft as a whisper so precious and sweet,
Tiny perfection from her head to her feet!

Join us for at a
Baby Shower

Laurie Fitzpatrick

(date, time and location)

Construction is almost complete
A baby is coming, a brand new son
Soon it'll be big trucks and piles of dirt
But for now it's a shower for a brand new mom

Please join us for a Baby Shower

Tiffany Anne Clark

(date, time and location)

Nancy Schultz is having a boy!
Yes, it's true!
Let's decorate that nursery
with lots of baby blue.

(date, time and location)

Please join us to celebrate
before the baby is due.
It's going to be fun
because the color is blue!

(date, time and location)

The time is coming
She's almost due
We got the word
It's definitely blue!

Please join us for a
Baby Shower
to honor

Tiffany Whitmore

(date, time and location)

Bottles and booties and bibs galore
Sandy and John are having one more! Big Sister Lucy and Big Brother Terry
have plenty to share, but we want to show
the new baby that we care

Please join us at a Baby Shower for
Sandy Taylor

(date, time and location)

Just a little get together
will be such a treat
in honor of someone we
would like you to meet!

A Baby Shower for
the new mommy,
Stacy Miller

(date, time and location)

It's raining - It's pouring
Now that they're having a baby,
their spirits are souring!
This is you're Baby Shower Invitation
to help prepare them for brighter days ahead
Please join us

(date, time and location)

The mother-to-be is waiting
patiently to meet her baby girl

Reagan is making her nest
and getting her rest

Come join us before her sweet baby comes
as we celebrate and have some fun!

(date, time and location)

Kathryn is expecting
but she's making us wait
to see who arrives on her due date

Will it be blue or will she need pink?
Come celebrate with her
and tell us what you think!

Please join us for a
Baby Shower honoring

(date, time and location)

The Tone of Baby Shower Wordings

You have two primary choices when it comes invite expressions - casual or formal word choices. If you are considering a formal gathering, you can start with words like "The honor of your presence is requested," or "You are cordially invited to a party." You can then add the fundamental information all invites contain, including date, time, guest of honor, and the venue. We invite you to review our gigantic selection of invitation wording samples to get some great ideas.

Creative Baby Shower Invitation Wording and Spelling: It is very likely that your invites will not be well received if they are loaded with spelling issues! We recommend that you take full advantage of our patented personalize and invitation instant preview features where you can view your created expressions right online. This way you can double check your spelling. And, after getting your invite just the way you want, don't forget to take advantage of our 10 free cards and free shipping, with minimum quantity.

We email a proof of your unique baby shower wordings and invite designs too, immediately after you complete your order.