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Baby Shower Party Trends and Styles

Lots of Useful Baby Shower Party Trends and Styles for Planning

When it comes to baby shower party trends styles, pretty much anything goes these days for baby showers. When the expectant mother chooses to know the gender of her child then it may be a good idea to have a fashionable pink or blue theme for your baby shower party. Chocolate is also becoming a very popular color for shower styles. This color can be combined with pink or blue which is very common theme. For those who are expecting a boy sports, airplanes, sailboats and trains are great ideas for your baby shower invites and invitation wordings for baby showers.

Baby Shower Themes

For any traditional tea or garden party floral style Baby Shower Themes would match nicely. If the due date for the baby is around any major holidays then the theme could reflect that holiday. For example, If the baby is due around Christmas ornaments or mistletoe would be a nice touch. Even a holiday like Easter could incorporate bunnies and Easter eggs into their shower. Pumpkins and Scary ghosts would also be good for those due around Halloween

Since now in time fathers-to-be are also showered the invites could include a cartoon or silhouette of the couple. Coed Baby Shower Invitations that proudly display the baby bellies and announcement information are becoming popular as well. There are many themes for hosts to choose from for their planned shower. Since custom baby shower invites are becoming so popular hosts could order almost anything they can dream up.

The event can be much easier to plan if everything is shaped around the theme. A must item for showers, besides the invites, are the thank you cards. These should be used to thank those who attended, gave gifts, or assisted in any way. Wording Baby Shower Invitations, sayings, or verses can be found right here.