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find an assortment of invitations wordings for all type baby showers

Lots of Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas and Samples

Unique baby shower invitations wording can be simple or flowery. If you want to have fun playing with words, you can add song lyrics or quotations to the invitations you choose. The golden rule when it comes to wording for baby shower party invitations is that whatever quotations you use must be relevant to the theme of the celebration. can help you put creative wording on your invitation cards, regardless of whether you are having a baby shower with an adoption, couples or coed, sprinkle, surprise, twins, welcome home, or any other shower theme. You will find a large assortment of baby invitation wordings, sayings, and verses within each type shower you plan.

Different Baby Shower Party Invite Sayings, Verses, Quotes, and Wording Ideas

Adoptions for Infant Baby Older Child

Baby Shower Party

Couples and Coeds

Etiquette Wording Ideas

Sprinkle Shower for 2nd 3rd 4th

Surprise Baby Parties

Twins – Triplets – Multiples

Welcome Home Shower Parties

Wordings for All Type Baby Showers

Quotations for Creative Baby Shower Invitations Wording - As you create some flowering words, sayings, or verses for your invites, you can mix important information with some baby-related, famous quotations. You can search our site for lots of quotes with a baby-oriented theme. For example, along with the party details, you can use a quote by Virginia Kelley like "There is nothing like a newborn to renew your spirit." Or, if you like poetic language, you can try quoting Matthias Barr with, "Only a baby small, but how dear to us, God Knoweth best."

Quotes for Post-Partum Wording for Baby Shower Invitation

If you have a party following birth, you can still be flowery with invite wording. Try a quote like "God danced on the day of your birth," or "Ten tiny toes, tiny fingers and a button nose - everything's perfect from his/her head to his/her toes!" You can even paraphrase some of your favorite quotes and modify them to make them suit the occasion.

Sample baby shower invitations wording is available throughout our website and is simple when you mix a quote or two together with essential invite elements.