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Baby Shower Hosting Guide

Comprehensive Baby Shower Hosting Guide - A Must Have Step by Step Plan

Our Baby Shower Hosting Guide is great for organizing and planning successful Baby Showers. Lots more Baby Shower details can be found here. The following timeline and step-by-step hosting guide has been prepared to help you organize any successful Baby Shower Party. Our guide for shower hosting can help you to stay in control during the celebration and ensures that the mommy-to-be has time for other essential tasks. Click Here for Stylish Invitation Announcement Cards for all type Baby Showers

Ten Weeks Before:

_____ Decide on general plan for your shower
_____ Set budget
_____ Establish the date of event
_____ Choose location

Eight Weeks Before:

_____ Prepare a guest list with names and addresses
_____ Establish a baby theme or color
_____ Decide on shower food
_____ Choose a caterer, if needed
_____ Order personalized invitations with matching thank you cards

Six Weeks Before:

_____ Ensure that the custom shower invites and matching thank you cards have arrived
_____ Begin to address invitations for every guest
_____ Divide the responsibilities to other guests who will be attending
_____ Arrange for one guest to photograph or videotape the activities
_____ Refer back at the Baby Shower Hosting Guide

Four Weeks Before:

_____ Mail out each baby shower invite
_____ Order larger rental items, as needed
_____ Book an entertainer, if desired
_____ Buy shower supplies, favors and decorations

Three Weeks Before:

_____ Check the serving ware you have on hand
_____ Finalize menu for party
_____ Start buying non-perishable items
_____ Select the games to play

Two Weeks Before:

_____ Call guests who have not responded to your invites
_____ Verify that all supplies will arrive on time
_____ Choose seating arrangements
_____ Purchase appropriate beverages
_____ Buy present for the guest of honor

One Week Before:

_____ Order flowers
_____ Order the cake, if you're not baking one yourself
_____ Order any prepared foods from a deli or a restaurant
_____ Order party favors, balloons and other supplies
_____ Inventory of household supplies
_____ If it is a surprise shower, work out a plan to bring the expectant mother to the party
_____ Finish decorations or favors you are making yourself
_____ Confirm entertainment, rentals and party site, if not at your home

One Day Before:

_____ Clean venue
_____ Cook food that can be prepared in advance and refrigerate
_____ Make cake, if one is not ordered
_____ Pick up balloons and any last-minute party items
_____ Coordinate delivery of rentals
_____ Buy ice and perishable products
_____ Wrap your baby present for the Mommy-to-Be
_____ Start decorating, regardless of where being held

Day of the Party:

_____ Coordinate delivery or pick up flowers from the florist
_____ Frost home-baked cake or pick up bakery cake
_____ Pick up prepared foods, rolls and bread
_____ Finish cooking and finalize homemade food
_____ Set up an area for shower gifts
_____ Final cleaning of the bathroom or powder room
_____ Set tables with table clothes and silverware
_____ Take time out for yourself
_____ Attend to those last minute tasks that always come up
_____ Arrive early at the place of the party if it is not at your home

During the Party:

_____ Greet guests and start the party when Mom-to-Be is ready
_____ Coordinate with the photographer or video person

After the Party:

_____ Organize and pack the shower presents
_____ Pay balances to outside help and facilities
_____ Always accept the offers to assist you with the cleanup
_____ FINALLY, have yourself a cup of tea or coffee, put your feet up and RELAX!!

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