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Baby Shower Budget

Preparing and Using a Baby Shower Budget for Your Shower Party

The shower for a new baby used to be a happy celebration of friends and family when there was the giving of handmade gifts and bringing a food item to share the joy showering the new baby. In those days, a baby shower budget was certainly not needed for any of the baby showers. However, the modern day baby party is much more elaborate, with themes, personalized baby shower invitations and wordings, entertainment, decorations and food, all of which is paid for by the hostess.

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Need for a Baby Shower Budget

Having baby showers are a gift to the Mom-to-Be by the hostess, and it is customary for the hostess to pay all expenses. And, the hostess should be mindful of the size since the larger the baby party shower is, the more expensive it could total. But, with good planning and a detailed budget, the event does not have to cost a fortune. Nice parties can be planned that meet the budgeted costs of the hostess.

Purpose of the Baby Shower Celebration- The purpose of the celebratkion is for the expectant mother's friends and family to get together and celebrate the new baby. Of course, it is important for both the guest of honor as well as the guests to have lots of fun, but it does not necessarily have to put the hostess in debt.

Controlling the Celebration Costs - Keep it Down - Another way of reducing the cost is to co-host with one or more people. This approach is very popular today, as it allows for a more elaborate event with more people pitching in the costs for the party. A popular way of holding down the cost is to divide the funds for the different expenses. Pooling the money often becomes difficult and could end up with disagreements among the hostesses.

Dealing with a Tight Baby Showers Budget

If the budget is tight with any of the hostesses, a potluck is popular and might be a welcoming way for people to feel a part of the celebration without feeling the need to contribute funds that they might not have. This allows for people to bring their favorite dish, or a favorite dish of the expectant mother, which is a treat for everyone.

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Controlling Baby Party Expense with Your Budget