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creating just the right anniversary invitation wordings for discounted 99¢ silver 25th, golden 50th, and others are important

Creative Wedding Anniversary Invitation Wording for 99¢ Golden 50th, 25th Silver Invites

Finding just the right anniversary invitations wordings might seem a bit daunting and stressful at first thought. You'll want to convey the sheer happiness, joy, and excitement a couple feels for having established a successful, loving, and prosperous marriage, so creating just the right party invite words might seem like an impossible task. Yet, getting your wedding anniversary party invitation wording perfect is definitely necessary if you are going to share your message clearly and with great emotion. Thankfully, we at, understand these awesome responsibilities you have as the party host or planner, so we offer lots of help to ensure everything is just right with your discount 99¢ wedding anniversary party invite cards. We invite you to view our variety of popular sayings, words, quotes, and verses for ideas below.

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Borders of Love Golden 50th Anniversary Party Invitation

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Your Expressive Invitation Wording for Anniversaries Doesn't Have to be Challenging

Your invite cards should express the number of years a couple has been married along with the details of the upcoming party celebration. We have exclusive designs with printed milestones on them so all you have to do is share the event details. We have cute, serious, and elegant invites so you can instantly set the tone of your celebration before ever selecting a word for your stationery.

Anniversary Milestone Party Invitation Sayings and Samples

The best way to phrase stationery selections is to review the examples we provide examples and take advantage of our large collection of sample verses, quotes, sayings and wording ideas on our site. And, all this can be done at your leisure and from the comfort of your home or office. You can use any of our samples as they are or you can get creative with them. We encourage you to be as imaginative as you want to be. After all, this is your opportunity to express yourself to your invited guests.

Once you have your unique anniversary party wordings perfected you can place your order, and we'll give you same day printing and shipping if you order before 2 p.m. central time during the business day along with 10 free cards and lots of other special promotions.