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Creative Wedding Anniversary Thank You Wordings Samples and 99¢ Note Cards

Deciding on the appropriate wording for your wedding anniversary thank yous can sometimes seem a bit challenging. You certainly don't want your words of appreciation and gratitude to come across as insincere nor do you want to end up with a long drawn out statement of your anniversary party appreciation. Some might even content that finding the best wordings might be just what discourages lots of people from sending the anniversary note cards in the first place. However, at, finding the perfect and discounted 99¢ anniversary thank you note cards wording isn't going to be a challenge. We offer lots of ways to help you find the best sayings and wordings possible for your thank you wedding anniversary note cards. Just take a look below and a few of our most unique and creative thank you wedding anniversary note card wording samples. And, immediately above the note card wording ideas, you will find a sampling of some of the more popular inexpensive 99¢ anniversary thank you note card designs.

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Find Lots of Thank You Anniversary Note Cards for All Milestones Below Cards

You brought joy to our day
warmth to our lives
and happiness to our hearts

Thank you for attending our
Anniversary Party and
your thoughtful gift

Without family and friends and partner by your side
An Anniversary would be worthless.
We are blessed with great company
Which is priceless in our eyes.
Thank you for enriching our lives

We would like for you to know
Just how important you are to both of us.
The gift was lovely but the real gift
Was you being there.
Thanks for the memories and
We look forward to more to come.

Another year has gone by
Another year of great friends
Another year of good and bad
Because of you we're so glad

An Anniversary is just a reminder
How much you are loved.
Created for someone from God up above,
We're happy to say Thank You
For down in our hearts
For the great gift and
Knowing in our lives you're a big part!

We would like to thank you for
Your warm wishes on our anniversary.
Your presence was gift enough
But thank you for your gift as well.
We are loved by many and
Would like you know…
Thanks! We love you too.

Please accept our sincere
Thanks for the lovely gift.
Both the thought and the gift
made us very happy.

Thank you for adding to
the joyful spirit of our Anniversary
with your presence and lovely gift

It was wonderful of you to share in our
Anniversary celebration.
Thank you for your good thoughts, your generous gift
and for taking the time to be there.
It means the world to us that you care.

Thank you for sharing our special day with us.
Your thoughtfulness and generosity
are well appreciated.
We hope you had a great time at the party.

Thank you so much for coming to our Anniversary Party. We both are glad you could make it.

The Better Solution for Thank You Wording

The first and best option is to head directly to CardsShoppe and locate your stationery designs that can be customized with any special verses and quotes you want to add. Each one has its own sample message printed right on the card alleviating the need to handwrite a message in each one. That can save frustration and reduce hand cramps, too. Plus, the words can express whatever you are feeling. You don't have to rely on a stale, cheesy message.

Settling on Your Memorable Anniversary Note Cards Sayings

Unfortunately, too many people then to think that their only option is the default words shown on the display card at the time of purchase. Thankfully, that's not the case unless you are limiting your shopping to retail stores where what they see is what they get. You do have the option of buying blank card stock, but, in doing this, you can look forward to hours of hand cramping as they write out each message.

Whether you purchase cards with the displayed wording or blank ones, your still face the issue of, what seems like, tons of white space needing to be filled with something creative and clever. Finding the right verses and quotes to fill that space might seem to be a challenging mission. Not knowing what to say can be at the heart of the frustration.

Making Choices With Your Note Verses

Even though you have the option of adding your own custom message to the notes, you aren't completely out of the woods yet when it comes to challenges. You still need to decide on the verse ideas that will be printed on the stationery. However, before you start panicking, you'll want to know this problem is taken care of, too.

CardsShoppe offers a free database of wedding anniversary thank you card wording samples and other example sayings that you can use for free as you are preparing your order for completion. You can browse through our options for inspiration or can use any of the suggestions word-for-word on their own stationery.