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Customize Your Cheap 99¢ Wedding Anniversary Party Invites with Wordings

If you're looking for an elegant, respectful, and sincere way to invite guests to your wedding anniversary party celebration, then you'll certainly want to check out our popular and free anniversary party invitation wording. When it's time to prepare for any of these milestone celebrations, one of the first decisions will be whether you want to have a small, private affair, or a large, festive gathering. Either way, you are going to want beautiful, unique, and affordable 99¢ invitations for your anniversary party to connect with all of your guests. As you browse our selection of invitation party anniversary stationery for your needs, all you have to do is decide how big your party is going to be and the number of party invites you will need to order. Then, let us help you with your anniversary party sayings, verses, wordings, and quotes, some of which you'll find below. And, immediately below the wording samples, you will find a few of the more popular party invite designs for all type wedding anniversary milestones.

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Browse Most Creative Anniversary Party Invitation Wordings, Sayings, and Verse Samples Below Anniversary Invitation Cards

Together our parents created
a beautiful world around us
and filled our lives with
love, peace, happiness and
fond heartfelt memories

Please join us to celebrate
our parents,

Leslie and Martin Edwards’

40 years of marriage

(time, date, location and children’s names)

Please by our guest at a
Dinner Party
to celebrate our
15th Wedding Anniversary

We look forward to your presence
on this special occasion in our lives

(time, date and location)

Beatrice and Jamie Harper

Love is often compared to a fine wine
It mellows over the years
with layers of maturity
and the enhanced flavor is
exceptionally better

We invite you to join us for
lots of food, drinks and music
at our parent’s

Jake and Norma Gilbert’s

45th Wedding Anniversary

(time, date, location and children’s names)

We would like to share with you
the joy and excitement at our
10th Wedding Anniversary Party

(time, date and location)

Donna and Larry Thomas

Two flames still aglow
after 35 years of marriage

Lilly and Tom Donnelly

request your presence at a
Ceremony to Reaffirm the
Wedding Vows
we first took 35 years ago

(time, date and location)

Marriage is a Garden

With love and lots of attention
it will flourish with abundant beauty

After 35 years
their Garden has continued to blossom

Please join us to celebrate

Vivian and Randall Polk’s
30th Wedding Anniversary

(time, date and location)

It is truly a test of love
when 35 years come and go
and two people wake up
every morning
as though it were first

Because you have played
such an important part in their lives
we would like to invite you to the

35th Wedding Anniversary Party
to honor
our parents,

Michelle and Dan Woods

(time, date and location)

Together they found friendship,
love, mutual admiration,
raised a family and
built a beautiful marriage

You are invited
by the children of
Marlene and Trenton Spokes
to participate in the joyous
celebration of their parents’
35th Wedding Anniversary

A Celebration Dinner
will be held
(time, date and location)

Robert and Millie Paris
have been married
for 45 Years!
Help us celebrate
their Sapphire Anniversary
at a Surprise Party in their honor

(time, date and location)

Please join us
for a celebration
when our parents
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Reynolds
celebrate 40 years of marriage
at a Cocktail Party in their honor

(time, date and location)

The children of
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Simmons
invite you to a
Surprise Celebration
honoring their
30 years of marriage

(time, date and location)

Please join us for
Sunday Brunch

Linda and Carl
Celebrate 40 years of marriage

(time, date and location)

Together we walk, hand in hand
The love we share is something grand
We share many secrets, too
For you love me, as I love you
The love light sparkles in your eyes
Like diamonds sparkling in the sky
Fulfillment makes our life complete
Our love is perfect, true and sweet

Please join us,
Linda and Mark Flowers
at our
20th Anniversary Party

(time, date and location)

Once in a while
we get a special chance
to see what
true love is all about

Please join us for dinner
to celebrate
Jan and Derrick's
35th Wedding Anniversary

(time, date and location)

Rob and Millie
have been married for 45 Years!
Help us celebrate the Sapphire Anniversary
at a Surprise Party in their honor

(time, date and location)

Please join Sarah and John
for a celebration
when our parents

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Reynolds

celebrate 40 years of marriage
at a Cocktail Party in their honor

(time, date and location)

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Party Invite Wordings for a Dinner Celebration

When you are preparing a party for a couple celebrating a marriage milestone, you'll want to think about the personalities of the couple, before selecting the invite words. If the couple you are hosting the event for is a very private couple, you might want to plan a small gathering with a few close family members and friends. With this type event, you'll want to invite only the people who were originally part of the bridal party, including the groomsmen and bridesmaids, the best man and the maid of honor. Alternatively, you might want to only invite close family members or everyone who attended the rehearsal dinner. In contrast, if the couple is very social and they love nothing more than a great party, then a larger gathering is probably in order. Regardless of the option you decide on, your stationery sayings should ensure everyone knows.

Even if you are going small with the guest list, you are going to want to send out beautiful wedding anniversary invite verses to all the guests on your list. has lovely stationary verses that are ideal for announcing small and large events. You can view exceptional and distinct selections on our website.

Sayings for Larger Wedding Anniversary Get-Togethers

Large gatherings are used more frequently for the larger milestone anniversaries and the invites verses should reflect this. You will want to have really big parties on a couple's 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 40th, and 50th anniversaries. This doesn't mean that you can't have quite a large party for any other one, however. You can invite family, friends, colleagues, members of the church, and associates to any gathering you plan to host with gorgeous stationary cards. But for larger milestone anniversaries, you might want to send out your invites extra early so that even friends and relatives living at great distances can make travel arrangements to attend.

CardsShoppe will immediately ship out your invitation stationery card order the same business day you approve your proof. This means you get a little bit of extra time to determine if you will have a small intimate gathering or a bigger event. You can preview your anniversary party invitations wordings online, and when you complete your order, we will send you a proof in as little as an hour's time via email too.