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Party Invitations Wordings for 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary Party Discounted to 99¢ per Invitation Card

Lots of Free 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary Wording for 99¢ Invitations

Everyone will agree that any couple who reaches their 50th wedding anniversary milestone certainly deserves a big celebration. After all, they have managed to survive half a century of life's ups and downs together and remain married and united as one. Historical data tells us that many married couples don't make it through the first five years of marriage, ten times that number, of 50 years. As you are planning an anniversary party celebration, your huge discounts on 99¢ 50th golden wedding anniversary invitations wording should include all the significant details and be mailed four to six weeks before the event. And, rather than rock your brain and spend lots of time searching for just the right words, why not let us at, help with our gigantic database of sample invitation sayings, wordings, verses, and quotes for your special golden 50th anniversary party, help make it easy. And, just below the wording ideas, you will find a few of the more popular 50 party invitation designs.

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Together we walk, hand in hand
The love we share is something grand
We share many secrets, too
For you love me, as I love you
The love light sparkles in your eyes
Like diamonds sparkling in the sky
Fulfillment makes our life complete
Our love is perfect, true and sweet

Please join us,
Linda and Mark Flowers
at our
50th Golden Anniversary Party

(time, date and location)

Marriage is a Garden

With love and lots of attention
it will flourish with abundant beauty

After 50 years
their Garden has continued to blossom

Please join us to celebrate

Vivian and Randall Polk’s
50th Golden Wedding Anniversary

(time, date and location)

Once in a while you get a
Special change to see what
True Love is all about

Because you have played
such an important part in their lives
we would like to invite you to the

50th Wedding Anniversary Party
to honor
our parents,

Michelle and Dan Woods

(time, date, location and children’s names)

Jenny and Tom Emerson
began the first day of their life together
and set on a wonderful
and adventurous life journey!

You are invited to share in their joy
As they celebrate their
50th Wedding Anniversary

(time, date and location)

Stephanie was a princess
and Eric was the prince
When she put on her glass slippers,
they started to dance

He spin and twirled her like a dancing pro
from that moment on
her heart had no where else to go!

You are invited
by the children of

Stephanie and Eric Black

to participate in the joyous
celebration of their parents'
50th Wedding Anniversary

(time, date and location)

Time moves so quickly, and so does life
We remember the days when
we couldn't wait to be husband and wife

Our days have been filled
with raising children
and hectic work schedules too
So we would like to celebrate
the day we said, "I do"!!

Please join us,

Patricia and Jacob Evans

as we celebrate
50 Years of Marriage

(time, date and location)

Nowadays it's strange to see
a marriage that spans 50 years

They have triumphed through
the ups and downs
that life has had to offer,
sharing countless moments of happiness
and shedding some sweat and tears

You are cordially invited to join us
to celebrate a joyous occasion as

Mattie and John Ferguson celebrate
50th Golden Wedding Anniversary

(time, date and location)

Storm clouds may gather
and stars may collide
But the love they share
will last until the end of time

Please join us to celebrate the
50th Wedding Anniversary of

Steve and Terri Harold

(time, date and location)

The children of

Yvonne and Daniel Stevens

request the pleasure of your company
at a dinner party
in honor of their parents'
50th Golden Wedding Anniversary

(time, date, location and children names)

You are cordially invited to join our family
on the joyous occasion of our parents,

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Montgomery

celebrating 50 years of marriage
as they renew their wedding vows

(time, date and location)

Fifty years ago
Rob and Phyllis Williams
said, "I Do"
Come celebrate their
Golden Day

(time, date and location)

The Michaels Family
cordially invites you to celebrate

Steven and Audrey's
Fifty Years Together!

(time, date and location)

50 years have come and gone
50 years of lasting love is indeed very long
50 years of sweat and tears
50 years of comfort and fears
50 years of pains and gains
50 years of sorrows and joys
50 years of happiness and bliss
This is a celebration you will not want to miss

Please join us at a
50 Year Anniversary Party for
Stephen and Stephanie Thompson

(time, date and location)

They've celebrated many
anniversary milestones in their lives
Silver, Pearl, Coral, Ruby,
Sapphire and now Gold

It is truly a test of committed love
to be married 50 years!

The children of
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Stevens
request the pleasure of your company
at a Dinner Party in their honor

(time, date, location and children names)

Ensuring Your Invitation Wording for 50th Anniversary is Memorable

Over the 50 years, a couple builds a legacy that can't be measured in material possessions, but rather the lives they have touched through their marriage. Friends, gamily, neighbors, fellow worker, community groups, and church members, the reach of their joined lives is extensive when you add the numbers. With all these people, preparing the guests list can become quite difficult to ensure you do not leave anyone out. The choices are to invite as many as your budget allows, or keep the guest list to a smaller number if you believe the couple would prefer a more intimate gathering in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary.

Regardless of whether celebration is held at a home, a restaurant, or a large catered event, we offer some valuable tips for this very special fiftieth anniversary. The traditional symbol for this occasion is gold, offering the perfect element for an appropriate theme for the party. Here are some tips for your fiftieth anniversary party:

  • Place golden paper doilies under plates
  • Add golden accents to make the room shine by using ivory colored linens to set the table
  • Tie golden ropes with tassels around the backs of chairs
  • Serve drinks in crystal with gold accents
  • Use white china that has gold trim
  • Display photos from the couple’s marriage in golden frames
  • Write the place cards in gold ink
  • Use candles in gold candlestick
  • Tie napkins using gold ribbon

50th Golden Anniversary Sayings, Music, and Gifts

For this special party music, play songs from the decade the couple was married unless they prefer a different style of music. On this important date, be sure and have the 50's anniversary saying and songs according to their taste. Before the party, ask guests for their favorite memories of the couple and assemble these in the scrapbook as one of the gifts for the guests of honor to enjoy for days to come.

The host should have special words to say to couple, and you will want to encourage everyone to share their fondest memories and wishes with the couple. Select memorable wordings and sayings for the 50th anniversary, which could be based on things they shared on their first date. An extra special treat would be to have the menu from their wedding day. Or, it can be the favorite meal the wife has cooked for her husband during their 50 years of marriage, but this time she doesn't have to do the cooking! The topping of the evening could be to include the top layer of the wedding cake if you it is available. If not, you might have a cake top from golden balls, gold leaves, or even golden cupids.

Regardless of the options you choose, we at CardsShoppe have lots of golden 50th wedding anniversary invite wording, verses, sayings, and quotes that will be ideas for your celebration.