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When a married couple has been together for two and a half decades, it's definitely cause for celebrating their successful marriage in a big way. And, since it is one of the more significant wedding anniversary milestone, the twenty-fifth, you'll likely want to use silver as your anniversary celebration theme. But, not everyone is certain as to how best to create personalized 25th silver anniversary party invitation wordings, which is why we at offer lots of helpful hints, plus a large data base of cheap and discounted 99¢ silver 25th wedding anniversary party invite sayings, words, verses, and quotes, some of which are shown below. And, following the wording ideas, you will find a few of the more unique and popular silver anniversary party theme designs.

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Twenty-five years ago
Rob and Phyllis Williams
said, "I Do"
Come celebrate their
Silver Anniversary Day

(time, date and location)

Please by our guest at a
Dinner Party
to celebrate our
25th Wedding Anniversary

We look forward to your presence
on this special occasion in our lives
(time, date and location)

Janie and Erick Farnsworth

Together we walk, hand in hand
The love we share is something grand
We share many secrets, too
For you love me, as I love you
The love light sparkles in your eyes
Like diamonds sparkling in the sky
Fulfillment makes our life complete
Our love is perfect, true and sweet

Please join us,
Linda and Mark Flowers
at our 25th Anniversary Party

(time, date and location)

Marriage is a Garden

With love and lots of attention
it will flourish with abundant beauty

After 25 years
their Garden has continued to blossom

Please join us to celebrate

Vivian and Randall Polk's
30th Wedding Anniversary

(time, date and location)

As we are on our 25th year of marriage
and are still going strong
We'd like to share with you
the joy of an eventful life together

We invite you to a
Dinner Party
to celebrate our
Silver Wedding Anniversary

(time, date and location)

Leslie and Todd Smith

Jenny and Tom Emerson
began the first day of their life together
and set on a wonderful
and adventurous life journey!

You are invited to share in their joy
as they celebrate their
25th Wedding Anniversary

(time, date and location)

Because you have played
such an important part in their lives
we would like to invite you to the

25th Wedding Anniversary Party
to honor our parents,

Yvonne and Roger Clark

(time, date and location)

Rob and Millie
have been married for 25 Years!
Help us celebrate the Silver Anniversary
at a Surprise Party in their honor

(time, date and location)

Let's get together
and celebrate
25 years of marriage
at a Cocktail Party
in honor of

Patricia and Carl Snellings

(time, date and location)

Please be our guests
as we toast

Megan and Reynolds Miller

as they celebrate
25 sparkling years of marriage

(time, date and location)

They reached Silver
and are headed for Sapphire,
Ruby and then Gold

Please join us
To jumpstart the
Race for Gold

Judy and Ralph Simmons

celebrate 25 years of marriage
at a Cocktail Party
in their honor

(time, date and location)

It is truly a test of love
when 25 years come and go
and two people wake up
every morning
as though it were first

Because you have played
such an important part in their lives
we would like to invite you to the

25th Wedding Anniversary Party
to honor our parents,

Michelle and Dan Woods

(time, date and location)

The children of

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Stevens

request the pleasure of your company
at a Dinner Party in honor of their parents'
Silver 25th Wedding Anniversary

(time, date, location and children's names)

The children of
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Simmons
invite you to a
Surprise Silver Anniversary Celebration
honoring their
25th years of marriage

(time, date, location and children's names)

Celebrate With Expressive 25th Anniversary Wordings

One of the first decisions to be made is who is to host this important event. The choices are either the couple can plan and host it or family and friends can plan and host the celebration. Either method is acceptable etiquette guidelines. And, in most cases, either a friend or relative will step in and take the lead. However, there are many times that just the happy couple makes the arrangements for their own twenty-fifth anniversary party. The most obvious advantage to this approach is that you have more control over the events than you would if someone else was making all the plans. Regardless of who does the planning, you will be responsible for providing all the names for the guests list.

Invite Sayings for Silver Wedding Anniversary Parties

Traditionally, silver is the color associated with 25 years of marriage. But, you don't necessarily have to stick with this as the theme of your planned celebration. After all, it's your party celebration. One way to create a bit of change is with your gifts. Obviously, jewelry always makes appropriate gifts, and you can settle for the more traditional silver as the setting for rings, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. Some even use gold for the 50th party and use words such as, "In anticipation of 25 more happy and memorable years" or something similar.

Gift Ideas and Quotes for This Important Occasion

While planning this event, you might want to first decide whether you want a private celebration for just the two of you or share it with your family and friends. With young children, the former idea might be a better choice because you'll be able to sneak away for some much needed alone time. You can ask a friend or grandparent to baby sit for a night and then rent a room in a luxury hotel. Spend the night or weekend doing nothing but ordering room service and enjoying your twenty-fifth anniversary.

Of course, you could also do a surprise party for each other. One of the most simply and fun ideas is to pack a picnic meal with strawberries, champagne, and other tasty delicacies, and then surprise your spouse as he arrives home. You both could simply drive to a secluded spot with a breath taking view and watch the sunset, along with your own romantic and private picnic.

So, as you can see, the options are endless, but with most, you'll certainly want to add really memorable party invitation wording for your 25th wedding anniversary, which can be found at CardsShoppe.