Adult Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

Unique Adult Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas for 30th, 40th, 50th and All Others

When searching for adult birthday invitation wording, you have plenty of options in terms of the tone of your birthday invitation personalization. Invitation wordings for adult birthdays can be funny, simple, serious, or clever, depending on your mood and the tone you want to establish with your party. The guest of honor's interests play a role in how you word stationery - you'll want the honoree's personality to really shine through in the birthday stationery you choose and word.

Find Ideal Adult Birthday Invitation Wording Samples Below  

Say it ain't so . . .
__________ is gonna be the Big 4-0!
He said "A party? No way!"
But I thought it over and
decided to have one anyway!
Please join us for a
Surprise Birthday Party
The years just flew
and before she knew it,
she's 5 decades old
and accustomed to it!
Help us celebrate
50th Birthday
Drums roll....bands play.
It's Bill's birthday! He'll be 64 years old..
So I've been told.
One more year to PREPARE
To celebrate this date
I'm giving a dinner party for
Bill and his mate.
There'll be food,wine & song.
And Willard is coming along!!

Saturday, July 10, is the date.
7:30 don't be late.

Regrets only
Before Dan's mid-life crisis
there is one more year to go.
Let's celebrate the year before
he turns the Big 4 - 0!!

Meet us at the Pin-Up Bowl
we'll challenge each other's skill.
Please join us for pizza and drinks
and bowl a few games if you will.

Let's gather at 7:30 p.m.
we can begin bowling at eight.
Pray you aren't on my team
for you, that won't be so great!

His 40's are almost here so
let's ring his 30's out in style.
On Saturday, September 28th
let's get together and party for awhile.

RSVP 555-8042
Please NO Gifts (Give them to your kid's instead and say they are from Uncle Dan!!)
It is too late!!!
He's over the hill...
Help us celebrate this good year!
___________ is turning 60 YEARS OLD
________ is turning 40
... My how the time flies!
Please join us for a party, but keep it a Surprise!
Holy Cow.
________ is 40!
We're in the mood to party so help us put him out to pasture
with a Surprise Birthday Party
_______ is turning 40,
though it may seem absurd!
We're having a party,
but don't breathe a word!

Please join us for a
Surprise Birthday Party Honoring

____ has reached the big 4-0!
Come celebrate, cut loose and let go.
Let's toast him with birthday cheer
with plenty of hors d'oeuvres,
dancing and beer!
Join us for a Juke Box Party
We're rocking around the clock
For ____________'s 50 th Birthday
as if it were 1952!

Wear your bobby socks and saddle shoes
Bask in the Glow
as the candles are light
at _________'s 40 th Birthday Party!
Scrapbook Birthday Party
________ is turning 80!

Celebrate with us by putting
a memory of __________ on the enclosed
Scrap booking paper.

It can be a story, a photo or
anything you want
It's a Surprise
Birthday Dinner Honoring

You're invited to a
Birthday Luncheon Honoring
Turning 60 is really great!
Please join us as we celebrate

_________'s 60th Birthday
Surprises are really such fun.
You won't want to miss this one!
_________'s surprise 80 th
Birthday celebration
The sun is hot,
the water's cool.
Won't you join us
as we party in our pool!

You're invited to a
Put on those "blue suede shoes"
and get ready to
"Rock Around the Clock"
________ is 70 !
Join us for a Birthday Sock-Hop
on (DATE) "That'll Be the Day"
The Soda Fountain and Jukebox
will be fired up at (TIME)
Poodle skirts and leather
jackets welcome!
The party is bound to be a "hit"
We'll be "All Shook Up" if you
don't make it!
A Golden Birthday Celebration
Please join us
for a birthday party
in honor of our dear friend

who will turn 65
_________ Is turning 45
Come over and
Hassle HIM/HER a little!
(NAME is AGE)!
And we're getting set
to throw her a party
she'll never forget!
Join us for music, fun,
great food to eat,
And a party we know
you'll think is sweet!
Spring has sprung
and bees are humming!
We're having a party
and hope you're coming!
You're invited to a
Birthday Party for
Don't do anything on this Date.
Other than celebrate at (NAME)
(YEARS) Birthday Bash! Please join us
For a party in his/her honor


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Wording for Adult Birthday Invitation Inclusions

When you find your exclusive birthday party invitations from, your attention will eventually turn to the phrasing of your invites. There are a few tips you should remember as you word your cards. First, if your honoree is sensitive about his or her age, you might want to stick with a more serious tone with your wordings. If you feel unsure about words for your stationery, we have examples on our website you are free to use.

Double Checking Adult Birthday Invitation Wordings

When placing your order with us, we include a step for you to totally personalize your card and add the phrases you have chosen. And, our patented personalize and instant preview features enable you to benefit tremendously from using as it affords you an opportunity to take a second glance at the look and feel of your cards before ordering. We offer you a free proof too, once your order is processed.

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