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the use of adoption announcements for infant, baby, and older child are very popular to family and friends

Create Your Adoption Announcements for Your New Adopted Infant, Baby, or Older Child

Having a baby is a wonderful experience. However, there are many children who need loving homes which is why adoption is such a popular option, especially for couples with lots of love to share. Many couples who adopt want to celebrate in much the same way they would if they were welcoming their biological baby, infant, or older child into the world, but they are unsure if this would be an appropriate approach. Actually, it is very common and certainly acceptable with sending your very own custom adoption announcements, just like a birth announcement or even throwing a baby shower for the new arrival. You can count on our large collection of adoption wordings for announcing your infant, baby, or older child.

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Sending Custom Announcements for Adoptions

When you are adopting a baby, infant, or older child, you can still send out the equivalent of birth announcements cards. However, you'll want to change the content a bit. For example, you may not need to include the specific location of their birth or even their height and weight at birth. In fact, you may not even know this information. What you should include is the child's name and your names as the parents. You do not have to specify that your little one is adopted. Most of your friends and family members are already going to know.

Throwing a Party for the Adopted Baby

Bringing a new addition into your family is always an excellent excuse for having a party and sending announcing cards. If you are adopting a baby, there's no reason not to have a shower just as you would with any other baby. The only difference is that you'll want to wait until you actually bring the new little one home. Having the shower ahead of time could be a bit too early since problems sometimes arise at the last minute with both domestic and international adoptions.

If you had an international adoption, you might want to add your child's home country on your creative adoption announcements. This could save you from having to answer lots of questions down the road. Whether you had a domestic or international adoption, you should add the baby's date of birth to the printed girl birth announcement cards or adoption boy birth announcements.