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your affordable 99¢ party invitations for 50th birthday can be funny, serious, or humorous since most themes for this milestone focuses on a person is getting older

Popular 50th Birthday Invitations with Gigantic Party Invitation Discounts of 99¢

Personalized 50th birthday invitations are sent to your invited guests to celebrate a huge milestone in a person's life. After all, it's only once in a lifetime that a person turns 50. Your custom and affordable 99¢ party invitations for 50th birthday can be funny and humorous, as many customized 50th invite cards for this milestone tend to focus on the fact that a person is getting older. However, they can also be more formal, elegant, and sophisticated, depending on your party theme. You'll find our collection of birthday invite designs for fifth party at offer birthday party invitation cards that can be readily matched to the personality of the person you are honoring, which guarantees they will be well received and appreciated by all. Check out our large database of the most creative 50th birthday party invitation wording idea samples for your exclusive use.

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Creative 50th Birthday Invitation Cards and Color

When choosing half century invite cards, the stationery you buy should be vivid, bright, and colorful. Remember, this is a happy time and a momentous occasion so card embellishments and ink colors should be joyful and fun. You can match ink and card d�cor colors to your guest of honor's favorite colors, or you might consider matching colors to the gemstone associated with the month he was born. Birth gemstones include garnets, amethysts, aquamarine stones, diamonds, emeralds, pearls, rubies, peridots, sapphires, opals, yellow topaz stones, and turquoise. 

How About Creative 50th Birthday Invites? - Using our patented personalize and instant preview features, you'll have everything you need to fully customize your birthday party stationery. If you are really into appropriate gemstones you can add a photo of a gemstone to our stationary with the picture upload options we offer. You can change ink colors, fonts size and invitation wording too, among just a few of the many options. 

If you want something that is even more customized, contact us and we'll get your affordable 50th birthday invitations made precisely as you specify in a very timely and cost effective manner.