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advancing from the 20s into the more mature leaning adult of the 30s brings interesting opportunities and challenges

Creating Your 30th Birthday Invitation Wording to Impress Your Party Guests

Planning a 30th birthday party celebration for a friend or family member can and should be an enjoyable experience for both the guest of honor, the guests, and you. After all, celebrating three decades is no small event. Advancing from the young and foolish decade of the 20s into the more mature and leaning full adult of the 30s brings with it lots of interesting opportunities and challenges. But, what about some truly unique, stylish, trendy, and popular birthday party invitations and wordings for this third decade milestone? We, at, assist by ensuring you always have the most expressive and affordable 30th birthday party invitations stationery along with the largest database of party invitations wordings for 30th birthdays at your immediate disposal. A few of our 30th birthday wording samples and sayings ideas are presented below.

Shhhhhh...Don’t tell
It’s a Surprise Party!

Please join in the fun as we celebrate
Katie’s 30th Birthday
Saturday, September 6th
6:00 p.m.
Dunker’s Grill & Bar
858 Roe Crest Drive
Don’t be late for the surprise!

Remember to be as quiet
as a mouse about it!

It’s time to party...

David is turning 50!
Join us on
Friday, September 13, 2018
Cocktails at 6:30 p.m.
Dinner at 7:00 p.m.
The Peninsula Hotel
Rooftop Terrace
700 Fifth Avenue
New York City

Gabriella, Erica, Chris and Peter

After-party at 10:00 p.m.
199 Gansevoort Street
Transportation provided

Say it ain’t so…
Rick Decker
is gonna be the Big 4-0!

He said “A party, no way!”
But we talked it over
and we’re having one anyway!

January 23rd at 7:00 p.m.
198th Street South
Vicksburg, Mississippi

Jeff and Jenna Decker

Katherine is turning 30,
let’s get down and dirty!

Join us for a
“Night on the Town”

Friday, August 15th
7:00 p.m.
Traverna Italian Bistro
332 Main Street
Miami, Florida

Dee Dee Rogers
Heather Sampson

Regrets to (850) 655-8897

Page is turning 30!
Let’s have a girls night out!
We’re going to hit the downtown scene and have a BLAST no doubt!

Friday, July 25th
7 o’clock
Sapristi Bistro
332 Main Street

Claire Bloom
Marie Edwards
Regrets to
by July 15th

It ain't no Fluke!
Say it isn't so...

Linda is turning the big 3-0!

We're planning a birthday party!
We want you to come
Dominic is turning 30
Partying with him will be fun
Please dress as a tourist
as tacky as can be
The setting is the tropics
like the beach of Hawaii

Guess is turning the BIG 3-0
and doesn't want you to know it.
We're having a surprise party
so please don't blow it!

Please join us for
Rhonda's Surprise 30th
birthday celebration party

In case you didn't know,
Kathy's turning the big 3-0
Sam's got it hooked up right,
We'll be stylin' and sippin' on drinks all night.
Come along in our sweet ride

Janet is turning 30
and doesn't want you to know it
We're having a SURPRISE party
so please don't blow it!

Jennifer is turning thirty
and doesn't want you to know it.
We're having a
surprise celebration so please don't blow it!

Please join us for Jennifer's
surprise birthday party

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, four
It's time for Peter to hit the floor
His Big 3-0 will be the most talked about day
Especially when he sees what's coming his way
It all goes downhill from here on out
The hearing, the eyes, the hair falling ou

Budgeting and 30th Birthday Party Invitation Wording

Before you can get too far with the party celebration details, you definitely need to think about creating a budget. Without a budget from the beginning, you might end up overspending and running out of money before you take care of all the aspects of planning. Determine how much you have to spend, and then break down the budget into amounts for each of the different parts of the planning, such as the party invites for 30th birthday, refreshments, decorations, and entertainment. Luckily, we offer an extensive database of birthday invitation wording ideas and samples for thirtieth birthdays. When you set a budget, there's no reason to shop around with the special promos we at CardsShoppe offers everyday.

Creating Your Guest Lists to Determine How Many Party Invitation Cards to Order

An ever so important part of the planning is putting together the list of guests to invite. While this might not be a challenge if you were the guest of honor at the event, you should take into consideration what the birthday person wants. Consult with them, if possible, and identify who should definitely be on that list. You should also have a guest list size in mind. Remember the more people you invite the more you are going to have to spend. Think about that and the size of the party location. You don't want everyone squeezed into a tiny place for the celebration.

Personalizing Your 30 Birthday Invitations Stationery

Once you have determined the number of guest to invite, you can begin creating your custom 30th party invites. Most people decide on a theme and will want to incorporate that them throughout the entire planning process. One popular trend is to add a photo of the birthday person to your birthday party invitation cards. One suggestion might be to include a baby picture, a current photo, and maybe a third one with the guest of honor around his 15th birthday.

When to Put Your Invitations in the Mail

Although there is no set time for mailing your custom invites since it depends on so many issues, you will definitely want to ensure they are in the mail three to four weeks in advance of your event. If the celebration is going to be held around holidays or vacation time, you will want to add another week or so to the time frame.. The whole purpose is to ensure your invited guests can actually come to the party. However, if you're having a surprise event you should wait until closer to the day of the party so the secret doesn't get leaked. Also, always be sure to include RSVP cards in the 30th birthday party invitation wordings sayings verses.