wedding anniversaries are associated with particular gift themes; crystal for 15th; china for 20th; silver for 25th; and so on

Create Your Own Unique 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary Invitations

Unique 25th silver wedding anniversary invitations mark a marital milestone, just like other major anniversaries. With less thank fifty percent of all marriages resulting in a success, silver anniversary party invites also marks a significant accomplishment. Spending 25 years committed to another person is indeed a remarkable feat and certainly is worthy of celebration. Because of its significance, it is associated with the metal silver, and is commonly identified as this type affair or event. As you are creating your 25th party invites, check out our large database of wording ideas for your anniversary party invitation cards.

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Personalized 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary Invitations

Many anniversaries are associated with special gift items. For instance, crystal is a common gift offered on 15th anniversaries, while china is an appropriate gift for a 20th. Your gifts and party decorations should incorporate this theme. Great gifts include photo frames and silver clocks representative of the quality time the couple has spent together! has exclusive silver anniversary stationery that you can use to bring people together in celebration too! And, with our patented personalization and instant preview options, you can see exactly what you are getting before you check out.

Custom Silver Anniversary Invites Embellishments: Our invitation cards are ideal for complementing any 25 anniversary themes; you can get invites with the number 25 in silver coloring bordering a beautiful invitation, or you can have invites that include invitation wording that represents the important elements of this marriage milestone like cherish, honor, love, and respect. You can have your stationery designed any way you want, and we are happy to fulfill custom orders. Every invite is printed on high quality, beautiful Avon Crest paper and includes express shipping on all orders.

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