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Selecting your 1st party invitations is no small matter for those moms hosting their baby's first birthday celebration. Even though most of those receiving these custom 99¢ birthday party invites, currently reduced by 65%+, will certainly look and remember them, the mere excitement of attending little Amy's 1st birthday party celebration will ensure they attend. However, at, you can be assured that your first birthday party invitation cards will be wildly popular and generate lots of excitement for your child's celebration. And, your totally unique and personalized 1st birthday party invitation wordings will add just that little extra to your invited guests, especially when you rely on our large database of sample invitations wording ideas and samples for baby first birthdays.

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Our little all-star is turning ONE
So we're having a party
that's sure to be fun

Please join us as we celebrate
Johnny's 1st birthday

Cake and candles
and ice cream too
It's time for a party
for you-know-who
Come to the house ready to play
and help me celebrate
my very 1st birthday

Leap on over
for some birthday fun
It's time for cake,
ice cream and sun

Parker is turning One

Let's swing and slide
have lunch and fun
Come celebrate with us as
Mike is turning one

One little candle
placed on the cake
One first birthday wish to make!

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Baby Cathy is turning one
Her years have only just begun
We hope you'll be able to make the date
To come and help us celebrate!

With lots of cake,
and lots of fun
Janice Elise is
turning One!

Can you believe
Monica's first year is done?
Please join us as we celebrate
her turning ONE

You're invited to a
birthday party for

Monica Rene Taylor

A special candle is a top the cake
so please come join us
for goodness sake
Our 'little princess' is turning ONE
So we're planning an afternoon of
birthday fun for Monica

One year ago on June 20th at 5:26 p.m.
A little angel blessed our lives
We named her Ashley Elaine

In the past year she has learned so much
How to crawl, drink from a cup, feed herself
laugh, get into things she's not supposed to
and most of all she lear

Basketball, baseball
which will it be?
Football or soccer
we'll just wait and see.
Our little all-star is turning ONE,
So we're having a party
that's sure to be fun!

Can you believe
Adam's first year is done?

Please join us as we celebrate
his turning one!

Finding Help With Your Wordings for Baby Party

Most hosts are usually fairly new at this and don't know for sure what to include in their invite messages. They don't know whether to be clever and funny or serious. The best answer is to trust people with experience in stationery for parties and other occasions. After all, we at CardsShoppe know invitation stationery cards, which is why we rely on our experience and expertise to put maintain a database of wordings, sayings, and verse suggestions that can help you find the perfect message.

Helpful Invitation Wording for First Birthdays

Everyone knows that no birthdays are quite as special as those first few, especially the first one. Children grow up so quickly that parents are going to want to remember the early ones and will probably even hold onto their invites as keepsakes. Because these cards can be so important and special, finding just the right 1st, 3rd, or 2nd invite wordings can be crucial to the parents. These same parents can also be happy because they get to customize the message and say something special they can look back on fondly with their child in the future.

First Birthday Words and Other Events

No matter how much parents want to halt the aging process of their children (and of themselves) it isn't going to happen. Instead, they should relish the celebration and start thinking about wording ideas in advance so they don't end up wasting an opportunity. After all, parents don't want to look back on the once in a lifetime celebration for their child and wish they had done something different. For example, no parent wants to make mistakes when it comes to the sweet 16 invitation. By checking with the database for great wording suggestions, no host has to worry about that.

Hosts and hostesses needing 1st birthday invitation wording, sayings, and verse assistance have definitely come to the right place.