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As a valued customer, we realize you are always looking for the best bargains possible as you search for your personalized stationery cards. It is because of this, and many more reasons, that we offer the most exclusive, stylish, trendy, and popular invitation announcement card designs with gigantic discounts and money-saving promotions found throughout our website.

Our current promotion for FREE invites and announcing cards, subject to be discontinued at any time, allows you to add 10 of the same invitation announcement cards with the same customization features to your order without an additional card costs. However, we do ask that you purchase a minimum quantity of 50 cards and you pay for the 10 envelopes and any other special features such envelop imprinting and adding a photo to participate in this great promotion. So, here are the details of participating in the 10 Free Cards promotions on our Exclusive Stationery**:

  • after adding a minimum of 50 or more Exclusive Cards to your shopping cart, you may
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  • envelope costs, and other special charges like envelope imprinting and photo charges will be added

Based on the quantity you purchase, this can amount to a GIGANTIC 40% SAVINGS!

Here is a quick example of how it works, assuming your added 100 exclusive cards to your shopping cart:

  • After completing your personalizing, add the quantity of cards you want to purchase, (again, we ask for a minimum of 50 cards), along with any accessories such as envelope imprinting, thank you cards, RSVP cards, if needed; then
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The following limitations and restrictions applies to this special promotion:

  • minimum quantity of 50 cards require
  • applies to Exclusive cards only, and NOT Premium cards
  • for a limited time only and subject to be modified and / or discontinued at any time without advance notice
  • applies only to exclusive cards on our website

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 view a sampling of invitations and announcements for all life's special occasions themes

Anniversary Party Invitations for All Wedding Anniversary Milestones from 1st, Silver 25th, 50th Golden, and More

Champagne Glasses Anniversary Party Invitations

this wedding anniversary card 99¢ each

50th Anniversary Flowers Invitation

100 golden 50th wedding invites for $145.90

Anniversary Hanging Candles Invitations

this anniversary party card 99¢ each

Baby Party Invitation Cards for Adoptions, Coeds, Multiples, Sprinkle, Surprise, Welcome Home and More

Girl Baby Shower Clouds & Raindrops Invitation Cards

this baby shower invite card 99¢ each

Posies and Banners Baby Shower Party Invites

25 party invites for baby shower for $96.00

Party Invitations for Baby Shower with Butterflies in the Clouds

this party card for baby shower 99¢ each

Bereavement Sympathy Thank You Notes and Photo Cards

Bereavement Thank You Cards for Men

this bereavement card 99¢ each

Cherished Memories - Memory Card

100 bereavement photo cards for $149.90

Dove Bereavement Card

this card for bereavement 99¢ each

Birth Baby Announcements for Adoptions, Boy, Girl, Holidays, Multiples, Photo, and We're Pregnant Pregnancy Cards

Blue Crest Birth Announcement

25 baby boy photo announcements for $115.80

Boys Birth Announcements with Footsteps

this blue footprints baby card 99¢ each

Now Announcing - Announcement - Pink

100 photo baby girl announcement for $149.90

Bridal Shower Party Invitation Cards for Bachelorette, Engagement, Lingerie, and Rehearsal Dinner

Garden Luncheon Invitation Bright White

20 bridal shower party invites for $49.00

Bridesmaid Bride Wedding Shower Invitation

this bride party card 99¢ each

Purple Posies Bridal Shower Invitation

100 shower invite for bride for $134.90

Business Announcements and Invitations for Businesses, Company, and Corporation

Corporate Ribbon Cutting Invitations Card

this business invite card 99¢ each

Maple Breeze Layered Pocket Invitation

100 business announcements for 298.90

Sailboat Business Party Invitations

this business retirement card 99¢ each

Graduation Announcement Invitation Cards for Pre-K, thru High School, College, Nursing, and All Other Milestones

Polka Dots Photo Kindergarten Graduation Announcements Invitations

this pre-k kindergarten card 99¢ each

Confetti Grad Flip It High School Graduation Invitation Announcement

25 photo graduation cards for $117.00

Reflection High School Graduation Announcement

this graduation card 99¢ each

Holiday Party Invitations for Business, Christmas, Halloween, Halloween, New Years, Oktoberfest, and All Others

Black Cat Halloween Party Invitations

this Mardi Gras Invitation 99¢ each

Country Christmas Party Invitation

this holiday Christmas invite 99¢ each

Mardi Gra Invitation Cards

this Mardi Gras party card 99¢ each

Kids Birthday Party Invites for 1st Birthday, Boy, Girl, Quinceanera 15th and Sweet 16 Birthdays, and  Sleepover

1st Birthday Invitation Stationery

this 1st birthday invite 99¢ each

Sweet Sixteen Filigree - Birthday Invitation

20 quince + sweet 16 invites for $49.00

Children Doggy Birthday Invitations

this kid birthday invite 99¢ each

Moving Announcements, Housewarming and Open House Party Invitations for New Homes

Moving Mail Box Announcement

this moving announcement 99¢ each

Housewarming Party Invitation Cards

this house warming invitation 99¢ each

Open House Flourish Leaf Party Invitation Cards

this open house invite 99¢ each

Party Invite Cards for Adult Birthdays, Dinner, Luau, Retirement, Surprise, and Lots More

Her Birthday - Invitation

25 party invitation cards for $97.00

Surprise Birthday Invitation Cards

this surprise invite card 99¢ each

Finally . . . Retirement

100 birthday invites for $99.00

Photo Invitation and Announcement Cards for Your Special Occasion

Oh Baby Pink - Birth Announcement

25 photo birth announcements for $164.80

Boho Grad Flip It Photograph Graduation Announcement Invitation

25 graduation photo cards for $117.00

Jolly Chalkboard Photo Holiday Card

100 holiday greeting cards for $209.00

Religious Invitation Announcement for Baptism, Bar Bat Mitzvah, Christening, Communion, Confirmation-Dedication, Hanukkah

Baby Girl Baptism Invitations

this Baptism Christening card 99¢ each

Stripes Bar Mitzvah Shimmer Invitation

100 Bar Bat Mitzvah Invites for $386.90

First Communion Invitations

this 1st Communion invite 99¢ each

Thank You Note Cards for Expressing Your Appreciation and Gratitude

Bridal Shower Thank You Card

25 generic thank you note cards for $11.90

Formal Thank You

100 business thank you cards for $216.00

Photo Holder Thank You Card

100 thank you photo cards for $72.90

Wedding Invitations and Marriage Announcement Cards

Merry Married Photo Holiday Card100 wedding photo invites for $250.00


100 marriage announcements for $350.00

Best Day Again Vow Renewal Invitation

25 vows renewal invites for $163.50

and, find our entire gallery of specialized invitation announcement card themes by clicking on your particular category above